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Day 1 “This is the genre that I am most excited about because I feel so comfortable since pop music is the genre that I grow to love due to the long.

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3 Day 1 “This is the genre that I am most excited about because I feel so comfortable since pop music is the genre that I grow to love due to the long period of time listening to it. I have never been happier to listen to the genre that I listen to on a daily basis because it doesn’t feel like an experiment it feels like I am having fun and relaxing.” Day 2 “The more pop music I listen to the more I realized how bland it actually is compared to other genres. There seems to be no variety to pop music it is either has a slow or fast beat to me and honestly I find it to be very off putting because at least with other genres there was something that made me surprise but pop was the same plain old pop with nothing unique or special about it.” Day 3 “ Pop music seems to have very derogatory lyrics to it which stuns me because there are children who are around 12 years old and listen to these very inappropriate lyrics which could have a negative influence on the way that they view their society around them. I realized that I didn’t like pop as much as I thought I did because I realized how inappropriate and meaningless the lyrics are which made me change my opinion about pop music”

4 Day 1 “Pop music reminds me of the early 2000's, when I was in elementary school and barely attending my first school dances. I associate pop music with dancing and just having fun in general” Day 2 “Whenever I listen to pop music, it makes me want to get up and dance. It is not the ideal type of music to listen to if you're trying to study for a big test the next day because it makes your mind race.” Day 3 “During the past three days of pop music, I realized how much I miss having fun and just forgetting all my worries. Summer will be an ideal time to listen to pop music when I am able to have fun and relax.”

5 Day 2 “Pop music has a nice beat to it and makes me want to dance and it is nice when I feel like relaxing and having sort of a dance party, but other than that I don’t think that i would have anything positive to say about pop music. It just doesn't excite me as it used to before and I think that it is because I have opened up my mind to explore new genres which then allowed me to see each unique quality that the other genres have demonstrated which makes pop just look bland and ordinary.” Day 3 “ My opinions of pop music have not been consistent towards the three days of listening to it. At first I was just waiting to get to pop music because it was the type of music that I would always listen to but after hearing the other genres it made me questioned why I liked pop so much. I realized that I like pop so much because of how much society had an influence on my taste in music because throughout my life all I heard was pop music playing everywhere I go which made me accustom to the music.” Day 1 “After listening to all the other genres I thought that I would be more excited to listen to the genre that I was most familiar with. However, it turns out that compared to the other genres I found pop to have very little meaning and uniqueness to it. Most of the songs that I listen to had more of a dance song vibe to me than an actual song vibe. It made me a bit disappointed and questioned my taste in the types of songs that I was listening and promoting.”

6 Day 1 “Pop is the genre that I listen to on a daily basis so I was really excited to listen to it. I felt like I have come home from a long journey by listening to the genre that I feel the most connected with because it’s the genre that I loved since I was a kid. I love how at times it could be the type of music that would make you wants to dance and at other times slow songs with true meaning expressed through the song. ” Day 2 “I love pop music so much. I heard people say that pop music has no meaning behind the lyrics and is just a bunch of auto tuned trash ; I can definitely say that I disagree with that statement because I have heard a lot of songs that had very little auto tuning in it and all the other genres I heard had auto tuning in it so why criticized only pop music for a thing that all genres have. Pop music to me is powerful because it can connect with anyone no matter how old you are because of how long pop has lasted and the varieties that pop has.” Day 3 “My opinion of pop music has grown stronger throughout the duration of listening to pop music. Every time I listen to a pop son I find a new amazing quality that just makes me like pop more and the other genres less. I am glad that we ended with the best genre and I do think that the stereotypes towards pop music are incorrect. There are only a minimum amount of songs that have a great amount of auto tuning that take away from the music. Not all pop songs talk about partying and sex most of them contain a message that makes me question my actions and thoughts which is the main reason why I love and connect so well with pop music.”

7 Day 1 “This is the music you think of when you think of our generation. Its are commodity. There is things to be made fun of but that's with every genre ever. I think pop can push the limits in the modern music realm and i like it.” Day 2 “I listen to this when I am feeling sad, happy, or need something to dance to. Its just something i listen to everyday without thinking about it. This is just a part of my everyday life, and I'm not ashamed of it. Its just something most everyone listens to now and days.” Day 3 “It may be the final day for the project, but not the final day for pop, or even some of the other genres for me. Pop is something I've always listened to and will keep listening to. I'm not limited to pop, but this is probably the genre I lead towards when I decide what music to listen to that day.”

8 Day 1 “Pop repeats the same thing over and over again. The songs get stuck it your head so you can't help but to sing along.” Day 2 “It's centralized around love, drugs, or ‘doing it’. These are the common themes I found in this music genre, and not to my liking.” Day 3 “Its had the same beat in each song, now I know how to sing along to any song Bruno Mars or Tay Tay Swift has written. They won't get out of my head.”

9 Day 1 “I thought I would look forward to listening to pop after listening to the other genres, but honestly it let me down. Its catchy and whatever but it's missing something to me.” Day 2 Day 3 “ Pop in my opinion is overrated, yeah its fun to listen to, but too much of it getts annoying. Its so repetitive.” “ This is a more party music, a few songs can find something meaningful or beautiful behind it, but the list seems so much thinner than the other genres I’ve listened to the past few weeks.”

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