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OMG! 美语 Could you please! OMG! 美语 Could you please!

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2 OMG! 美语 Could you please! OMG! 美语 Could you please!

3 What are they doing?

4 take out the rubbish They’re doing chores make the bed wash the clothes fold the clothes

5 sweep the floor clean the floor do the dishes

6 Cook\make dinner... go shopping


8 What chore is Mrs Green doing?

9 She’s sweeping the floor.

10 要插入图片 What chore is Miss Li doing?

11 She’s doing the dishes.

12 What chore is Sally doing now

13 She is cooking.

14 What chore is Sally doing?

15 She is taking out the rubbish.

16 We Love our parents. We help do the chores.


18 Peter’s grandma is coming over at seven. So Peter and his mom need to clean the house, but Peter need to do his homework first. Then peter’s mom will do the dishes and sweep the floor. Peter will take out the rubbish, make the bed and fold the clothes. Finally peter’s mom will clean the living room. Fill in the blanks

19 1. Can Peter go out for dinner? 2. Can Peter go to the movies? 3. Can Peter stay out late? Why? 4. Can Peter get a ride? Why? 2a.b Listen. Peter asks his father if he can do four things. What does his father say?

20 Roll -play. A: Could you please clean the floor? B:Sure, (but I have to do my homework first !) Could you please...?

21 RMB 2000 borrow some money A:Could I borrow some money? I want to buy a camera. B: Sorry, I don’t have so much money. it’s too dear!

22 Would you like to do sth? 也可表示请求 : Would you mind doing sth ?








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