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Section A-1 Unit 11. sweep the floor do the dishes fold the clothes.

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1 Section A-1 Unit 11



4 sweep the floor do the dishes fold the clothes

5 take out the trash make the bed do the laundry

6 clean the windows mop the floor feed the horse

7 do the dishes sweep the floor fold the clothes make the bed do the laundry take out the trash feed the horse mop the floor clean the windows Read and learn


9 babysit the child 照顾小孩 make dinner 做晚饭 dust the furniture 擦家具 water the plants 浇花 iron the clothes 熨衣服 feed the pets 喂宠物 change sheets 换床单 walk dogs 溜狗 …

10 Cinderella is doing chores. Guess what she is doing?

11 What is Cinderella doing She’s doing the dishes.

12 What is she doing She’s mopping the floor.

13 What is she doing She is taking out the trash?

14 What is she doing She is cooking.

15 1. After dinner, you need to ______________. 2. After the washed clothes are dry, you need to _________________. 3. If the dustbin( 垃圾箱 ) is full, you have to __________________. 4. If there is lots of dust( 灰尘 ) on the floor, you have to ____________________. 5. After you get up in the morning, you need to ______________. 6. If your clothes are dirty,you need to ____________. 7. If your bike is dirty, you have to ______________. do the dishes fold your clothes take out the trash sweep the floor make the bed do the laundry clean the bike Exercise

16 Listen to the tape again and try to find what kind of chores Mom and Peter do? Chores Mom Peter do the dishes, sweep the floor, clean the living room take out the trash, make the bed, fold the clothes

17 Mom: Peter, we need to clean the house. Your grandma is coming over at 7:00. Peter: Okay, but I need to do my homework first. Mom: Yes, that’s right. After you finish your homework, let’s clean the kitchen. I can do the dishes and sweep the floor. Could you take out the trash? Peter: Yes, sure. Mom: Good. And could you make your bed and fold your clothes? Peter: All right. Mom: And let’s see… I can clean the living room.

18 1. Clean the room, Peter! 2. Can you clean the room, Peter? 3. Could you please clean the room? Which of the following is the most polite( 礼貌 ) way? How do you make polite requests( 要求 )?

19 Your mother asks you to do the chores you don’t like.

20 1. You are going to have a party. You ask your parents to do something for you. 2. You want to ask your classmate to help you clean the room?


22 Long long ago, there’s a little kingdom, a girl named Cinderella lived with her step mother( 继母 ) and two sisters. She was regarded as a maid( 女仆 ). She had to do all the chores. One day …

23 Cinderella: _______________ Step mother: _____________ ________________________

24 Cinderella: _______________

25 Could I go to the ball party?

26 Cinderella: _______________ Could I dance with the prince?

27 Step mother: _____________ ________________________

28 Step mother: _____________ ________________________ Sure, you can. If you can find a suitable dress.

29 Step mother: _____________ ________________________ No, you can’t. You must do all the chores.

30 Do you like Cinderella or her sisters?

31 You are looking for a roommate. But you have many requests( 要求 ), you don’t know if he/she can accept( 接受 ).

32 Check √ the requests that you think more important to you.

33 Requests 1. Could you please keep your bed and table tidy? 2. Could you please not bring friends here? 3. Could you please not make a noise before 6 a.m.? 4. Could you please turn off the light when you leave home? 5. Could you please ask your friends not to call after 9 p.m.? 6. Could I have my pet dog with me? 7. Could I cook in the house? 8. Could I practice the guitar in the room? Add up more requests that you need: 1. ____________________________________________ 2. ____________________________________________ Useful language: put up photos on wall, eat meals in the bedroom, get home before 9 p.m., have my own desk, practice English with me as possible as you can, …

34 Try to find the suitable( 合适的 ) roommate by asking the sentences you check.



37 (1) If you have to choose one chore to do, which of the following will you choose? A. Sweep the floor B. Do the dishes C. Take out the trash (2) If your mother asks you to do the chore you dislike, what will you say to her? A. Yes, sure. B. Sorry, I have to do my homework. C. No, I can’t. (3) When your mother is very busy, could you help her do the chores? A. Yes, I can. B. No, I can’t. C. See if( 是否 ) I am tired (4) How often do you do chores every week? A. Only once B. More than twice C. Every day (5) Why do you do chores? A. I like doing chores. B. In order to( 为了 ) make my parents happy. C. I don’t have to study.

38 0-5: You’re a little lazy. You always keep away from( 远离 ) any hard work. 6-10: You can’t take the initiative( 主动 ) to do anything. But if needed, you will do it carefully. 11-15: You’re a real laborious person. You do everything carefully.



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