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Unit 3 Could you please clean your room? (Section A 1a-2d)

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2 Unit 3 Could you please clean your room? (Section A 1a-2d)


4 1Because she never helps out around the house. 2Yes, they did. Nancy said sorry to her mother,and she understood to share the housework with her mother.



7 5 neither conj. 也不 pron. 两者都不 He isn’t coming here, neither am I. Neither of them knows English.


9 6 in surprise 吃惊地 I looked at him in great surprise because he changed so much.

10 1 For a week, she did not do any housework and neither did I. 2The minute I sat down in front of the TV, my mom come over. 3 I ‘m just as tired as you are.


12 d a c e b

13 do Could help Could fold could please can

14 Ask and answer according to the pictures in your cards.The one who gets a red card asks and the one with a blue card answers. A: Could you please clean the floor? A: Sure, (but I have to do my homework first !)

15 RMB 2000 borrow some money : Could I borrow some money? I want to buy a camera. some: : Sorry, I don’t have so much money. it’s too dear!

16 1. Could you please clean your room? Yes, sure./ Of course/ Certainly. 2.Could you please do the dishes? Sorry/ No, I can’t. I have to do my homework. Key sentence structures Could you ( please ) + V - 原形 ? 表示委婉地提出 请求 I have a headache. I’m very busy. …

17 2) Would you like to do sth? 3 ) Shall I/we do sth? 4 ) Let’s do sth. 也可表示请求。 1) Would you mind cleaning your room ?

18 Could I stay out late? Could I please use the car? Sorry, you can’t. I have to go to a meeting. Could I please get a ride? No, you have a test tomorrow. Yes, you can.

19 3. could 与 can 的区别 could 与 can 都是情态动词, could 是 can 的过去式。二者 都可用于 表示请求。但是用法稍有不同。 can 表示一般性的请求,语气随便,常用于熟人之间或长 辈对辈, 上级对下级的场合; Can you tell us your story, Tony ? could 表示有礼貌的请求,语气委婉,常用于非熟人 之间或晚 辈对长辈,下级对上级的场合。 Could you tell us if it snows in winter in Australia ? Sure.

20 下列各题中均有一处错误,请指出并改正。 1. Nancy often takes her dog to a walk after dinner. ________ 2. Could you to buy some snacks, Dad? ______________ to → for to buy → buy 3. Last Sunday I borrowed a book to the library. ____________ 4. Mine cousin often plays ping-pong with me.________________ 5. My grandfather and I are in vacation in Hong Kong. ____________ to → from Mine → My in → on

21 单项选择填空 1. — Could you please clean the room? — _____ I have to do my homework. A. Yes, sure. B. Why not? C. Sorry, you can’t. D. Sorry, I can’t. 2. — Could I please ______? — Sorry, you can’t. Your mother has to use it. A. do chores B. go to the movies C. use the car D. go to school D C

22 3.— Mum, Could I go to Beijing with you? —Yes, ________. But you have to finish your homework first. A. you can B. you could C. you can’t D. you couldn’t 4. —Would you like to come to my birthday party? — I’d love to, ___________I’m too busy. A. and B. if C. so D. but A D 5.---Could I borrow your dictionary? ---Yes, of course, you____. A. might B. will C. can D. should C

23 Complete the sentences 1.A: What are you going to do today? B: _________________________ ( 去购物 ). 2. A: I think you should help me more with the chores. B: Sorry I can’t. I _____________________ ( 我得洗盘子 ). 3.A: Could you please help her wash her car now? B: Sorry, I can’t.I am busy. _________________ ( 我得洗衣服 ) 4. A: Is Helen busy? B: Yes. ___________________ ( 她得去喂猫 ). 5. A:______________________ ( 我能看一下你的票吗 )? B : Of course. Here you are. I am going to do some shopping I have to wash the dishes I have to wash my clothes She has to feed the cat Could I look at your ticket,please ?

24 Self check 1 Fill in the blanks with the words given. hate take care of work on use forget 1. I doing the dishes. It ’ s too boring. 2. I ’ m going to ________ my English project and then meet my friends. 3. My mom gets really angry when I _________ to clean my room. 4. Can I your dictionary, please? Mine is at home. 5. Could you ___________ my cat when I ’ m on vacation? hate work on forget use take care of

25 1.After dinner, you need to _____________. 2. After the washed clothes are dry, you need to _______________. 3. If the dustbin is full, you have to ______________. 4. If there is lots of dust on the floor, you have to ___________. 5. After you get up in the morning, you need to ________________. 6. If your clothes are dirty,you need to ______________. 7. If your bike is dirty, you have to _______________. Brain storm do the dishes fold your clothes take out the trash clean the floor make the bed do the laundry clean the bike

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