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Aladdin vs. Monkey’s Paw

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1 Aladdin vs. Monkey’s Paw
“Monkey’s Paw” by: W. W. Jacobs “Aladdin” by: Disney Productions

2 Links to other pages Links Title Introduction Comparing Wishes
Contrasting Wishes Outcomes Aladdin's Main Character Monkey’s paw Main Character Contrasting Main Characters Comparing Main Characters large Pictures

3 Introduction for compare/contrast
A lot of people wonder what it would be like to have three wishes that granted you anything. Just to see what would happen if you tried to wish on anything. But the wishes outcomes are not what they seem. In the movie Aladdin by “Disney” and “Monkey’s Paw” a short story by W.W.Jacobs the main characters have the power to be granted three wishes. These two stories are about making wishes that have some good outcomes and bad outcomes. They both make wishes on something and they lead to bad outcomes. At the end of both stories both of the characters learn a good lesson not to put their family or there life at stake.

4 Equally, theses stories have three wishes
Comparing wishes Equally, theses stories have three wishes Someone or something creating wishes. In the stories they have at least one greedy wish Link to link page

5 Contrasting wishes Aladdin Mr. White Aladdin’s wishes are…
Link to link page Contrasting wishes Aladdin Mr. White Aladdin’s wishes are… To be a prince So he can wed jasmine For his life to be kept he was drowning For the genie to be free Aladdin promised him Mr. White’s wishes are… For five hundred dollars just so they see if it works For Herbert to arise from the dead His wife demanded him For Herbert to die again (“don’t let that thing in” said Mr. White)

6 The outcome of the wishes
Aladdin Mr. White first wish- Aladdin first wish led to him to be handsome prince and win the heart of the princess. Second wish- Surprisingly Aladdin's second wish led for his life to be saved when he was tossed in a lake. Third wish- The last wish the did was to set the genie free and the genie got to go live his life. First wish- Mr. White’s first wish led for his son to be crushed after wishing for $500.00 Second wish- For some reason Mrs. White wanted her son to be alive so she wished for it back to life. Third wish- Mr. White last wish led for his son to be dead again right after his wife for him to be back alive because his son might look all deformed. Click here to go to large pictures

7 “Aladdin’s” Main Character
“Aladdin’s” main character is of course Aladdin He is a young man who lives in the allies of Agraba He is tricked by Jafar, who is cleverly disguised as an old man, to go retrieve a magic lamp that changes his life He ends up with an outgoing genie that will grant him three wishes Click to view contrasting the main characters

8 “Monkey’s Paw” Main Character
Click to go to Comparing The Main Characters “Monkey’s Paw” main character is Mr. White He lives in an old house unlike Aladdin He has a loving wife and one child named Herbert That all changes when his friend, Sergeant Morris, tell him about a monkey’s paw and how it can grant him three wishes

9 Contrasting the Main Characters
Aladdin Mr. White Lives on the streets Was not as greedy as Mr. White He finds the lamp in the Cave of Wonders Two wishes were for himself One was for somebody else Lives in a dark house Used wishes for greed In the text it states “ I wish for five hundred dollars” He receives the Paw from Sgt. Morris

10 Comparing the Main Characters
Both receive a talisman ( a magical object) Both find out about the talisman from somebody Aladdin finds out from Jafar Mr. White finds out from Sgt. Morris Both use at least one wish for themselves

11 Pictures

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