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“The Monkey’s Paw” By W.W. Jacobs.

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1 “The Monkey’s Paw” By W.W. Jacobs

2 Theme Don’t attempt to change fate The Whites attempted to change fate by using the monkey’s paw. Write down what happened when they used the paw. How do you think this made them feel ?

3 IMPORTANT CHARACTERS Mr. White- makes the first wish for 200 pounds. He can be described as greedy. Mrs. White- makes the second wish for Herbert to come back from the dead. She can also be described as greedy. Herbert White- dies as a result of his father’s wish. Sergeant Major Morris- gives the paw to the Whites. He cautions them against using it.

4 Plot What happens in the story? Rally Robin with your shoulder partner and list six events that happen in the story.

5 Setting The story takes place in the Whites’ home.
Go back and look in the first paragraph. Write down any descriptions of the setting that you can find.

6 Conflict The Whites vs. Fate When the Whites use the paw they are going against fate. This has deadly results. The Whites vs. Sergeant Major Morris When the Sergeant comes with the paw he warns the Whites against using it. Despite his warnings, however, they decide to use the paw anyway. Mr. White vs. Mrs. White Mrs. White wants to use the paw to bring her son back from the dead. Mr. White disagrees and does not want to do that.

7 Symbolism The monkey’s paw symbolizes desire and greed
Whoever has the paw can use it to wish for anything they want.

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