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Aladdin Monkey`s Paw Compare and Contrast

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1 Aladdin Monkey`s Paw Compare and Contrast
Although many people want, dream, and plead for wishes, they don’t know the outcome of the wishes. Some people receive what they want, but their wish can lead them to sorrow. People ask questions…will this wish change my life? Will it hurt someone I love? Will it bring me what I want? Is it really worth it? By: Disney By: Kendra

2 Characters In The Monkeys Paw there are many characters. The main characters are Mr. and Mrs. White and there son Herbert. Also there is Sergeant Morris that gives the Whites the paw. Mr. White is greedy by wishing for more after they have every thing they want. Also Mr. White was being selfish because Sergeant Morris said not to use the paw and throw it in the fire. In the movie Aladdin there are also many Characters. The main character is Aladdin. In the movie Aladdin the other Characters are the follow: Jasmine, Abu, Ja Far, The king, The Genie, Rajah, and the magic carpet. Rajah was the princess tiger. Ja Far was the evil prince that wants to marry the princess. Abu is Aladdin’s pet monkey. The magic carpet is simply a carpet that can fly. The king was the princesses father. And last is the Genie and he is the one who gives 3 wishes to anybody. Monkey’s Paw Aladdin

3 Genre Monkey’s Paw Aladdin
The Genre of the Monkeys Paw is to Entertain. I say this because its spooky and trying to entertain you. In the Monkeys Paw it was written to give the readers a good book to entertain the reader. To find out the genre I used process of elimination. As for the Aladdin it is the same. Entertainment. I say this because its full Genies, magical wishes, and many other fiction animations. If the genre is Entertainment then it will fiction characters, animals that talk, and many other things. In Aladdin, it has all the evidence for Aladdin to be entertainment.

4 Setting Aladdin Monkey`s Paw No neighbors
The settings are very different. Monkey`s Paw is in an old house In the middle of the country No neighbors Aladdin is happier. It is by a castle in the streets in the day time In an alley On an overlook to the castle. By: Kendra

5 Themes Monkey`s Paw Aladdin
Monkey`s Paw theme is being greedy brings sorrow. Mr. White wished for $500 although he said “he didn’t need anything”. He received his money because of his sons death… Maw and Megan`s thought it was their fault so they paid Mr. and Mrs. White $500. Aladdin`s theme is don’t be afraid to be yourself people will like you the way you are. Aladdin tried to be someone who he is not although Jasmine liked him the way he was. She ended up getting mad at him because he lied to her of being a prince. By: Kendra

6 Wishes Monkey’s Paw Aladdin
First wish was for 300 £. They lost there son over 300 €. Second wish was for Herbert to come back to life. Mr. White was afraid that Herbert would come back as a zombie. Third wish was for Herbert to go away. In the story it just said that SOMEONE was knocking at the door. Then after the wish the knocking stopped. Aladdin's first wish is to be a prince. He wanted jasmine to like him. Aladdin's second wish was for the genie to save his life and luckily the genie did. Aladdin was thrown into a lake with a ball and chain. Aladdin's third wish was for the genie to be set free. The genie really wanted to be set free.

7 Wishes Jafars wishes Jafar`s first wish was to become sultan. (A type of King of a Muslim state. Jafar`s second wish was to be the most powerful sorcerer in the world. He wanted to kill Aladdin to get to Jasmine. Jafar`s third wish was to become the most powerful genie in the world so he could overpower the original genie.

8 What did they wish with? How did The Whites get the wishes? From a magical Monkeys Paw. Who did they get the paw from? Mr. Sargent Morris. They g ot the Magical Monkeys Paw from Mr. Sargent Morris. He got it from some where in India where someone put a magical wish on the Paw. Now, where did Aladdin get his wishes from? From a Magical Genie. Where did he find the genie? Down deep in a Massive lions throat. The Genie was in side a tiny tea cup for hundreds of years. Monkeys Paw Aladdin

9 Moods Monkeys paw Aladdin
In the monkeys paw there are many moods. One is depressed because Mrs. White couldn’t sleep. Suspenseful because you don’t know what is going to happen next. And greedy because in the text it says that Mr. White says “I got all that I need” and he still used his wishes. Dark and scary are two of Aladdin's moods. Dark because most of it is happening at night. Scary because it talks about killing. Evil because there are bad guys. Magical because there is a genie that grants wishes.

10 How they ended? The Monkeys Paw Aladdin
In the monkeys Paw it ended sadly. Their son Herbert came back then Mr. White wished him dead. Then Mrs. White died because of the wish. Mr. White was so lonely that he went out to Herbert and Mrs. Whites grave and he froze to death and died. Now on the other hand Aladdin ended cheerfully. Aladdin defeated Jafar when he tricked him into turning into a genie then he had to go into the genie lamp. Then he went with Jasmine and became a prince and lived happily ever after!

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