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Stephanie Lund Bentley University Class of 2013. Go to Click on “Join Now For Free!”

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1 Stephanie Lund Bentley University Class of 2013

2 Go to http://www.surveymonkey.com Click on “Join Now For Free!”

3 Pick a username and password, and enter your email. Make sure to use a secure password! Click “Create a New Account”

4 Click on “Create Survey” If you aren’t logged in, click on “Member Login” … … and enter your username and password to log in.

5 Enter a title for your surveyClick “Create Survey >>” *You can only create surveys from scratch with a free account

6 You can change the appearance of the survey by choosing a theme. *Free accounts can’t create new themes Click “Add Question Here” to add a question to the survey * Free accounts can have up to 10 questions per survey

7 You can choose from a variety of question types by clicking on “-Choose Question Type-” If you aren’t sure which type of question to use, click “(Examples)” to see examples of each type.

8 Enter your question in the box labeled ‘Question Text’ Enter each answer to the question on a separate line in the box labeled ‘Answer Choices’

9 You can choose a number of options for your question, such as: To add an “other” option to your question, check the box next to ‘Add Comment Field’ You can change the amount of space a question up on the page under ‘Change Question Size & Placement’ You can require that everyone answers the question by checking ‘Require Answer to Question’. You can even choose your own message to show if the question isn’t answered.

10 Some types of questions will ask you for “column choices” and “row choices”. Column choices are the possible answers that you can choose for each row. Row choices are a list of items that are part of the same question.

11 You can click on the ‘Add Page After’ button at the bottom of the page to add another page to your survey. Enter a title and description for your page… …and click “Save Page” to add it You can use the arrows or the pop-up box above the questions to navigate through the pages.

12 Add a new question, and choose “Image” as the question type. You can use the “Upload an Image from your Computer” option to navigate to an image file on your own computer… …or the “Type in the URL to a Hosted Image” option to paste the URL of an online image.

13 You can click the “Preview Survey” button in the upper right corner to see what your survey will look like You can delete and edit questions and pages by using the buttons in the upper left corners.

14 To create a list of emails to send the survey to, click “Address Book” at the top of the page. Click the “Create a New List” button on the right side of the page. Enter a name for your list and click “Create a New List”

15 Click on “I Agree with the Terms of Use” to move to the next page. Add each email on a separate line in the following format: Email, First Name, Last Name For example:, Jon, Smith Only the email address is required – the first and last names are optional. Click “Add Contacts >>” when you are finished.

16 To collect responses to your survey, click on “My Surveys” at the top of the page… Then click on “Collect” for the survey you want to collect responses for.

17 You can choose a few different ways to send your survey out. To create a link that you can place on a webpage, such as a wiki or a blog, choose “Create a link”, enter a name for it, and click “Next Step” in the lower right corner.

18 You can use the first URL to link to your survey in an email or in an instant messaging program such as Skype. The second one can be pasted onto a web site to create a link to your survey.

19 You can choose the second option, “Upload your own emails… to have Survey Monkey send an email to the people in your Address Book. Unlike using a link, you can track who has responded to the survey and the answers they’ve chosen.

20 First, you need to make a list of email addresses to send the survey to. Click ‘add recipients to list’. Choose “Add Recipients from the Address Book” to use the email addresses you just added to your address book, choose the list. and click “Add Recipients”. You can also choose “Add Recipients Manually” and add email addresses in the same way as the Address Book.

21 Click “Create Email Message to Send>>” to continue. You can choose who from the emails you just added to send the survey to. The first time, you will want to pick “New/Unsent”, but you can pick a different list for future messages. For example, you could choose “Not Responded” if you want to remind them that they still need to take the survey. Click “Save Selection & Continue >>” to continue.

22 Type the subject of your email message here. Type the actual message here. You can type [SurveyLink] where you want the link to your survey to be, and you must include [RemoveLink] to create a link to allow the recipients to opt-out. You can also click the “Insert Survey Link” and “Insert Remove Link” buttons to create these links.

23 Enter your email address here. When you send your survey out, it will appear to be from this address. You can use tags like [FirstName] to show the recipient’s first name the same way as the [SurveyLink] tag. Just type [FirstName] where you want their name to show up in the email! Click “Save & Preview >>” to continue.

24 You can see what your email will look like here. Click “Send a Test Message” to have a test message sent to an email address of your choice. Click “Schedule Delivery” to choose when your message will be sent.

25 You may have to agree to the Terms of Use Agreement before you can send out your survey.

26 You can choose to either send the message at any time in the future… or to send it within five minutes.Click “Send Message >>” to send it!

27 To look at the replies to your survey, click “My Surveys” at the top of the screen… …then click “Analyze” next to your survey.The number next to “Analyze” is the number of replies your survey has.

28 Under “Response Summary”, you can see a detailed list of the answers to each question.

29 You can click “Browse Reponses” to see each individual response to the survey. You can only choose “View Summary” and “Browse Reponses” with a basic account You can use the “ >” buttons to view the answers selected by each person who took the survey.

30 You can see which collector (email or link) was used to answer the survey. If it was through email, you can see who answered the survey and what each person’s responses are! You can also see when the survey was started and finished. You can see the exact answers that the person had for each question.

31 You should now know how to use Survey Monkey to create surveys, send them out, and view the responses! If you have any more questions, check out the following resources: Survey Monkey Video Tutorials Survey Monkey Tutorials Survey Monkey FAQs

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