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Human Sexuality Sexual Coercion, Aggression, and Abuse.

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1 Human Sexuality Sexual Coercion, Aggression, and Abuse

2 Sexual Aggression Sexual acts performed against a person’s will Discourse on sexual aggression Sexual gratification to the role of power Both men and women can be victims

3 Sexual Aggression Rape occurs more frequently when women are devalued and when consequences are minimal (Lalumier, 2005) Sexual aggression: cultural factors

4 Statistics Sexual assaults happen in the US every 2 ½ minutes (RAINN, 2006) Survey- 1.3% of men and 22% of women were forced to have sex by a man (Laumann, 1994) Study of first sexual intercourse; 6% reported rape experiences (Bajrachara, 1995)

5 Statistics 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men are victims of sexual assault 44% of rape victims are under 18, 80% are under age 30 Rape has significantly decreased in the last two decades

6 Rape: Debunking Myths Just World Hypothesis and Blaming the Victim Rape is not a crime of passion- role of power, anger, control, violence Stranger rape- 70-74% of rapes are committed by non-strangers

7 Rape: Debunking Myths Reporting “rape” for revenge: according to FBI crime statistics, only 2% of rape reports were proven false Psychotic rapists: most are not mentally ill, but are more likely to be hostile, explosive, and to express anger through violence

8 Motivations for Rape Anger rape (McCabe, 2005) Physically violent; use of force/weapons Victims usually require hospitalization Verbal abuse/expressions of contempt To overpower and humiliate

9 Motivations for Rape Power rape (McCabe, 2005) Dominance and control Not to hurt, but to dominate sexually Sometimes in response to a slight on one’s masculinity To restore feelings of power

10 Motivations for Rape Sadistic Rape Pleasure through torment Extremely violent Ritualistic Least common form of rape

11 Sexual Aggression Cultural scripts on male/female sexuality Men who aggress are more likely to believe rape myths and to hold strong ideas about gender and sexuality

12 Sexual Aggression in Relationship Dynamics Dating situations, sexual aggression in the context of intimate relationships, marital rape Often produces confusion Role of coercion and manipulation

13 Psychological Ramifications of Sexual Assault Elevated risk for: PTSD Depression/anxiety Substance abuse Contemplating/attempting suicide Long term impact on sexuality

14 Human Trafficking Forced movement of people across national and international borders (Desyllas, 2007) Coercion and force Enslavement Forced labor or forced sex work

15 Human Trafficking Women and children are most frequently targeted The third most profitable criminal activity after drug and arms trafficking (US Dept. of State)

16 Human Trafficking 600,000-800,000 people are trafficked across international borders each year 70% are female; 50% are children 14,500-17,500 foreign nationals are trafficked into the US each year; especially from Southeast Asia/Pacific, Latin America 200,000 American children are trafficked within the US (US Dept. of Justice, 2005)

17 Human Trafficking The former USSR: major supplier of women to the sex trade (Hughes, 2000) The role of poverty and marginalization Tricked into the sex trade; promise of education, employment

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