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APPLYING TO UNIVERSITY – Before and after your interview.

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1 APPLYING TO UNIVERSITY – Before and after your interview

2 DIARY OF UCAS APPLICATIONS Week commencing What should I be doing??? 2 SeptemberGeneral studies period with Mrs Browne to explain how to complete your UCAS form 9 SeptemberGeneral studies period with Mrs Browne to explain the internal procedures 16 SeptemberInterviewer lists published on notice board in common room. Approach teacher/interviewer concerned and organise interview ASAP!!!!!. 23 SeptemberInterviews taking place 30 SeptemberInterviews taking place 7 OctoberInterviews taking place 14 OctoberFriday 18 October is the FINAL deadline for applications to be handed in to Mrs BROWNE NOTE: Early deadline candidates will work on their UCAS applications with Miss Lunny (Oxbridge) and Mrs Browne (Medics, Dentists, Vets) and must hand in their application to Mrs Browne by Friday 4 October.

3 Preparing for Your Interview Work on your personal statement. Your careers teacher is there to help you Complete your UCAS form as much as possible If you need access to the internet, you may use the computers in A203 if I am there during Independent Study or the library after 12pm. Excuse yourself from the teacher in charge. The room may NOT be used if there is already a class in it. Remember, if you have a double study period, you will need to go back and excuse yourself for the second period.

4 Your Interview Everyone will receive an interview The interview period will run form Monday 23 September until Friday 11 October Interview lists will be published in the common room and in registers from Monday 16 September The interviewer will normally be your L6th Careers teacher

5 Your Interview It is YOUR responsibility to organise your interview Once you know who your interviewer is, approach them and make an appointment Make your appointment ASAP You can only use an independent study or privilege period Your interviewer will give you a sign out slip if necessary

6 At your Interview Bring a print out of your completed UCAS form (all of it – including the personal statement) Note the grades required for your courses and bring them with you Your interviewer will go through your form and check you have entered everything correctly, that your personal statement is strong and that your choices are realistic

7 After the interview Make any recommended changes and finalise your form A hard copy of the form must be handed to Mrs Browne personally in A203 during registration Hand it in as soon as it is finished – don’t wait until the deadline The sooner we have it, the sooner it is processed and sent to UCAS

8 After the interview As you hand it in, I will give it one final check If there are still errors, it will be returned to you If it is accepted, you must then click on “pay and send” Pay £23 by debit or credit card The form cannot be sent to UCAS until it is paid Do NOT pay and send until final approval

9 What happens next?? Form will be passed to your referee who writes the reference (1 week) Form is passed to Mr McLoughlin for final approval, to the office for typing and then to Mrs Browne who sends it to UCAS (one week) UCAS sends you a confirmation letter (one week) Could be three weeks before you hear anything!! If longer, see Mrs Browne

10 What happens next?? Wait!!!! You will receive one of three things: 1.An unconditional offer (Very rare!!) 2.A conditional offer 3.A rejection You must wait until all five decisions have been made before you do anything else Pick a “firm” and “insurance” offer by May

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