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Going Global  2008 Going Global Expand your horizons…your career…your future.

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1 Going Global  2008 Going Global Expand your horizons…your career…your future

2 Going Global  2008 WHAT IS A RESUME/CV? A selected summary of significant facts about you. Make the link between your skills and the employer’s needs Dedicate more space to describing experiences of greatest importance to employer Resumes don’t get jobs – Resumes get interviews.

3 Going Global  2008 GLOBAL STANDARDS “Reverse” chronological order; two pages max; use 10 –12 pt. font; never print front/back; limit graphics Expanded education details are important Use industry terminology that is common worldwide Prepare two versions – one in local language/format; beware of cultural “no-no’s”

4 Going Global  2008 USA - RESUMES No photos or personal information Illegal for employers to ask about: race, religion, marital status Strong emphasis on: facts and figures, awards, special achievements, outside activities/volunteerism

5 Going Global  2008 NON-USA RESUME/CV’s Photos & personal info are common CV’s not as detailed/shorter Variables: Cover letters, education/employment attachments, personal contacts, “downplay” awards/achievements

6 Going Global  2008 WHAT SHOULD A RESUME INCLUDE? Work experience Job skills Awards/Achievements Education Professional Assoc. memberships

7 Going Global  2008 OPTIONAL ITEMS Job objective Qualification Summary References Outside/Volunteer Activities Personal information

8 Going Global  2008 HEADING List name, address, phone, fax and email List two addresses if at school or abroad; consider “in- country” post office address Record professional/bi-lingual voice mail

9 Going Global  2008 HEADING

10 Going Global  2008 JOB OBJECTIVE What do you want (more importantly, what can you contribute)? Only useful when your objective exactly matches open position Be as specific as possible “Qualification Summary” best if applying for a variety of positions

11 Going Global  2008 JOB OBJECTIVE

12 Going Global  2008 QUALIFICATION SUMMARY Highlight most relevant assets Use as the opening section of resume and include in the cover letter Use brief, direct phrases – include relevant “facts and figures” Goal: Get employer interested and make them want to read more

13 Going Global  2008 QUALIFICATION SUMMARY

14 Going Global  2008 QUALIFICATION SUMMARY

15 Going Global  2008 EDUCATION Less than five years job experience? Education history is critical Show how courses/special projects/outside activities/internships/study abroad prepared you for job Emphasize: good grades, awards, leadership roles, any “work-like” experience

16 Going Global  2008 WORK EXPERIENCE List the most important details of every job – facts and figures are key Pay particular attention to recent positions/“work like” experiences Don’t dismiss part-time jobs/internships Separate full/part-time; relevant vs. other employment

17 Going Global  2008

18 “ON THE JOB” SKILLS Concentrate on “what it takes to do the job” (repeat job ad) List experience with various computer programs List proficiency in speaking or writing languages Use action words and be specific

19 Going Global  2008 OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES Particularly valuable if limited work experience Describe responsibilities/accomplishments in professional terms Outline different roles/leadership in organization Make sure activities are “culturally acceptable”

20 Going Global  2008 REFERENCES Write “Available on request” Exception: if references are well-known people Talk with references before using their names Write letter yourself or provide bullet points of key assets

21 Going Global  2008 EMAIL RESUMES/CV’s Use universal format (Word); no web resumes Beware attachments/spam filters Use industry “key words”; repeat job ad wording Print to test; send backup copy by Post

22 Going Global  2008 GENERAL ADVICE Paper size/Computer setup: A-4 vs. 8½ x 11 British vs. American English Get a local to critique Spell check, spell check, spell check

23 Going Global  2008 FINAL ADVICE Do your cultural homework: words, body language, discussion topics Let embassy know you are in-country Take copies of birth certificate/ passport Analyze: benefits, vacation, medical care, pension, paycheck currency

24 Going Global  2008 EE EMPLOYMENT OUTLOOK Worldwide openings; China has acute shortage = great opportunity; language not necessary Construction projects, manufacturing companies, power plants hiring electrical, mechanical and system engineers Most jobs only require bachelor degree; 1-5 years experience and design experience preferred

25 Going Global  2008 IT EMPLOYMENT OUTLOOK Openings for: IT administrators, system architects, software developers, web producers Prime opportunities in India and China; USA/California has job growth Bachelor degree and certification required; 1-2 years experience with C++, Java, Unix preferred

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