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FAQs and resume & cover letter.  Get in groups of 10-12 people standing in a circle.  The goal is simple; in your group, count to ten.  But…you may.

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1 FAQs and resume & cover letter

2  Get in groups of 10-12 people standing in a circle.  The goal is simple; in your group, count to ten.  But…you may not plan it out, or go in a circle, or signal each other in any way. It must be random counting.  If you mess up, begin again.  After all groups have gotten to ten, we will divide the class in two, and count up again.  Finally we will try as a whole class.

3 By now you should have some questions swirling around in your head about what your next stage of life will look like. Now its time to do write them down and do some research on them. On a sheet of paper, write down 15-20 questions that you have. Think about all aspects of your next step of life (financial, lifestyle, schooling, working, friends, activities, etc.). Taking your list of 15-20 questions, narrow it down to 10 that you are willing to look into further. These are going to become your FAQs. Remember, FAQs are resources that help people understand problems and gather information that helps solve problems. Next week we will research and type up the answers.

4 When is the deadline for applying for the CSU? All CSUs have the same application deadline for freshman. For the fall term, the application deadline is March 15, 2015. Go to for up-to-date information. How much money will I make if I want to be an auto mechanic? In 2014, the average salary for an auto mechanic was $43,050.00, but that was not what new mechanics made. The starting salary was around $23,000 for full-time work. And as far as getting a job is concerned, it looks like the next year will bring about 530 job openings due to growth and about 1,440 replacement jobs.

5  Your résumé often creates the first impression that you make with an employer. The information you include and the way you present it can determine whether you will have the opportunity to interview for a position. If the résumé is strongly written and presented attractively, it will often open the door to an interview.  Your résumé is your marketing tool. It provides a quick overview of the skills, knowledge, and experience you have to “sell” to an employer. A résumé summarizes your educational and employment experiences. It should be a concise, easy-to- read review of your qualifications.

6  Contact info: name, address, professional e-mail, phone number (including area code), and professional website.  Qualities and skills (language, computers, equipment usage, dependability, team player, etc.)  Education or relevant courses in in reverse chronological order with your most recent degree or experience first and work backward in time (GPA). Do not include middle school grades or courses.  Relevant/Professional/Work/Volunteer Experience which relates to the position. For each position, list the organization’s name, the location (city and state), job title, brief description of responsibilities and dates (month/year) of employment.  Activities highlight your involvement in clubs, student government, athletics, and social organizations. Be sure to include offices or other positions of leadership you have held, as well as describing the positions and related tasks.  Honors and awards, professional affiliations, relevant training or certifications.

7  Do’s  Do keep it to only one page  Do use bullet points  Do use up the space on the page (not lots of white space)  Do read it aloud for spelling and grammar errors  Don’ts  Do not include information on salary desired  Do not overuse “I”  Do not include personal info like age, pictures, family life, etc.  Do not use weird fonts or graphics

8  Each time you submit your résumé to an employer, you should enclose a cover letter. The cover letter serves several important functions:  Explains why you are submitting the résumé.  Introduces you to the employer.  Serves as a vehicle for you to “sell yourself” more effectively to the employer and is the key to creating interest in your candidacy.  The cover letter gives you the opportunity to draw an employer’s attention to the skills and experience outlined in your résumé. You can also expand upon information which matches the position for which you wish to be considered. The cover letter can highlight special achievements which might otherwise go overlooked.  In summarizing your qualifications, highlight your most appropriate skills or background in relation to a particular position without simply reiterating the information on your résumé.

9 Your teacher will show you some examples of resumes and cover letters. Make note of the different types of resumes.

10  If you have a resume, make some edits to it now to update information and keep it looking professional.  If you do not have a resume make a rough draft on a sheet of paper. You will type it later.  Once you have edited or made a rough draft of your resume, write a rough draft of a cover letter. Remember to keep things professional and take it seriously. If you do this assignment right, you can use this for your next job application!

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