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Prince George’s County Human Services Coalition Funders Panel Presenter: Renette Oklewicz Director, Foundation Programs January 11, 2012.

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1 Prince George’s County Human Services Coalition Funders Panel Presenter: Renette Oklewicz Director, Foundation Programs January 11, 2012

2 Confidential 2 Three Focus Areas Our target populations are children, youth and families vulnerable to poor outcomes.  STABLE HOMES STABLE FAMILIES Homeless and precariously housed families Foster youth, ages 18-23, aging out of care  ADOPTION AND FOSTER CARE  Foster youth in need of permanency  ACADEMIC AND CAREER SUCCESS  Children and youth academically at-risk

3 Confidential 3 Grant Types and Levels of Investment Types of Grants General Operating Direct Service Public Education and Awareness By invitation Capacity Building Capital Level I Grants ($10,000-$100,000) Open application process Two grant rounds annually Level II Grants ($100,001 - $150,000) By invitation only Established relationship Accepted throughout year Level III Grants (above $150,000) By invitation only Proven track record Approved by Board of Directors at quarterly meetings

4 Confidential 4 Outcomes-Based Approach Positive change in “behavior” or “condition” of people served Shift from “funder” to “investor”  Focus on ROI: move from a focus on activities to measuring human gain  Reasonable, measurable and verifiable commitment  Milestones inform need for adjustment  Outcomes Funding Workshops

5 Confidential 5 Freddie Mac Foundation Outcomes 1.Homeless families achieve stability and transition to permanent housing with the assistance of support services 2.Vulnerable families who are living in permanent housing and participating in residential services programs improve their personal and financial stability 3.Low-income families at-risk of losing their rental housing maintain their housing and improve their personal and financial stability 4.Foster children grow up in permanent, stable and loving families 5.Foster youth have the life skills required to live independently, have a connection to a caring adult, and are living in stable housing 6.Preschool children in low-income communities are prepared to be successful in school 7.Children and youth in low-income communities demonstrate improved academic achievement 8.Young people from low-income communities enter college or career training programs

6 Confidential 6 Key Elements of Outcomes-Based Approach Targets Applicants are required to set measurable targets that address one of the Foundation’s outcomes. Below are targets set by a grantee of the Foundation.  Of the 59 families in the Housing with Care permanent supportive housing program, 51 families will maintain a stable housing situation.  35 of the 59 adults who enter or are in Housing With Care and are unemployed will gain and/or retain employment.  28 of the 35 adults gaining or retaining employment will increase their income by $5,000/year. Verification Applicants also define how they will verify they have achieved their targets, e.g.  Grantee verifies forwarding addresses and contact information with residents when they move into permanent housing and stays in monthly contact during the course of the first year. Grantee will confirm that Housing with Care participants are maintaining their housing by reviewing leases when renewed and through program census.

7 Confidential 7 We seek to answer the following questions as each investment request is reviewed: What “human gain” will result from our investment? What are the chances that this “gain” will be fully achieved? Is this the best use of Foundation funds? Evaluating Funding Applications

8 Confidential 8 Assessing an Applicant’s Potential for Success History of Accomplishments Leadership and Staff Program Model Previous Performance Measurable Results Financial Strength i Due Diligence Process

9 Confidential 9 Organizational Strength History of Accomplishments Leadership  Executive Director  Board of Directors Experienced Staff

10 Confidential 10 Program Model Previous Performance Solid Program Measurable Results Partner Commitment Summary Chart  Targets  Project Steps/Milestones  Verification

11 Confidential 11 Financial Strength Financial reviews are conducted based on best practices outlined by Grantmakers for Effective Organizations and include an assessment of the following documents: Organization and Project Budgets Funding sources Audited financial statements  Report of Independent Auditor for an unqualified opinion  Statement of positive net assets  Footnote disclosures

12 Confidential 12 10 and 12 Month Reports  Achievement of Targets  Budget vs. Actual  Lessons Learned  Rating Informing Future Investments Performance Reporting

13 Confidential 13 Important Resources and Dates Outcomes Workshop –February 16, 2012 (morning and afternoon sessions) –To register send email to: Application Deadlines –March 1, 2012 –August 15, 2012

14 Confidential 14 Corporate funders offer a win-win opportunity Explore funder’s interests and resources beyond funding: –What opportunities can you offer for visibility for the funder/business? –Can you offer opportunities for employees to volunteer? –Are there employees with skills pertinent to the nonprofit (website, graphic design, HR, public relations, legal, accounting) that can assist your organization? –Does the business support nonprofit board placements for their employees and officers? It’s a Relationship!

15 Confidential 15  Apply only if you meet the funder’s guidelines  Follow the application process  Establish a relationship with the funder Executive Director should be the first contact with the funder  Always call to ask why you were declined  Build a strong, effective organization with a diverse board that focuses on fundraising, financial management and supporting a high performing organization. Achieving Success

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