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First 5 LA Community Opportunities Fund Cycle 2 Information Session.

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2 First 5 LA Community Opportunities Fund Cycle 2 Information Session

3 2 About First 5 LA Community Opportunities Fund –Types of grants –Long-term impact Application Information –Eligibility –Application process –Review criteria Q&A Project planning Agenda

4 3 About First 5 LA First 5 LA is committed to creating a future throughout Los Angeles' diverse communities where all young children are born healthy and raised in a nurturing environment so that they grow up healthy, are eager to learn and reach their full potential.

5 4 What We Do Educate and support parents and caregivers Provide health insurance coverage for children, prenatal to age five Increase access to preschool Research issues that affect young children and their families Invest in and collaborate with community organizations

6 5 What is the Community Opportunities Fund? Based on a responsive grantmaking philosophy. Awards two different types of grants intended to produce long-term impact on outcomes related to supportive parents and caregivers, good health, and prevention of unintentional injuries that are sustainable beyond the funding term. 1.ORGANIZATIONAL CAPACITY BUILDING 2.POLICY AND ADVOCACY

7 6 Types of Grants What is organizational capacity building? Organizational development activities that build and sustain growth and effectiveness of an organization or collaborative with the intention of impacting a long-term outcome. Maximum amount: $150,000 Maximum duration: 3 years

8 7 Capacity Building Project Examples Programmatic Developing cultural competency of staff Staff adoption of new knowledge or skill set Operational Strategic planning Board development Developing staff retention plan Policy and Advocacy Coalition building Advocacy 101 Learning best practices in mobilizing

9 8 Types of Grants What is policy and advocacy? Advocacy is the effort to raise public awareness and influence public policy through various forms of persuasive communication and education. Policy is a plan of action to guide decisions and actions. Maximum amount: $500,000 Maximum duration: 5 years

10 9 Policy and Advocacy Project Examples Conduct asset mapping and use it to inform policymakers of community needs Write white paper to inform policymakers of a policy issue important to your community Mobilize community around a policy issue Work with policymakers or public institutions to draft policy or changes in policy

11 10 What do We Want to Achieve? Capacity building to what end?

12 11 What do We Want to Achieve? Policy and advocacy to what end?

13 12 What do We Want to Achieve? Supportive Parents and Caregivers Good Health Prevention of Unintentional Injuries 1.CAPACITY BUILDING 2.POLICY AND ADVOCACY

14 13 Supportive Parents and Caregivers Long-Term Outcomes Community residents, including parents and caregivers, socialize regularly and have strong relationships Parents and caregivers have knowledge of parenting and developmental milestones Communities provide parents and caregivers with concrete support in times of need

15 14 Good Health Long-Term Outcomes: Nutrition Children consume the recommended daily intake of nutrients Children and families have access to fruits and vegetables within their community

16 15 Good Health Long-Term Outcomes: Physical Activity Children and families have access to appropriate locations and opportunities for physical activity Children participate in age-appropriate physical activity

17 16 Good Health Long-Term Outomes: Oral Health Families have access to appropriate oral health care resources Parents are aware of early childhood oral health needs and milestones Families utilize preventative and therapeutic dental health services

18 17 Prevention of Unintentional Injuries Long-Term Outcomes Parents and caregivers are aware of how to keep children safe at every stage of development Child safety is regulated (i.e. the use of car seats, pedestrian safety laws, product safety requirements, etc.) Communities provide a safe environment where young children can grow and thrive (i.e. pedestrian safety, safe play equipment at parks, etc.)

19 18 The Whole Picture Organizational Capacity Building First 5 LA Grant Policy and Advocacy Improved organizational effectiveness Policy change Sustainable outcomes for children and Families 1.Supportive Parents and Caregivers 2.Good Health 3.Unintentional Injuries TYPE OF GRANT EXPECTED CHANGE BY CLOSE OF GRANT EXPECTED CHANGE IN THE LONG-TERM

20 Community Opportunities Fund Application Information

21 20 Eligibility Requirements Policy and Advocacy grants: Applicants may be a nonprofit organization OR a public agency Capacity building grants: Only private nonprofit organizations may apply (public entities are not eligible) Applicant organization must reside within and serve residents of Los Angeles County; and Proposed project activities must benefit children age prenatal through five years old.

22 21 Agencies New to First 5 LA In order to diversify First 5 LA funding, a portion of second cycle funding will be granted only to: 1.Applicants without a prior grant from First 5 LA. 2.Past and current First 5 LA grantees partnering with an agency new to First 5 LA. In cycles 3 and 4, past and current grantees will not be eligible for COF grants without partnering with an agency new to First 5 LA.

23 22 Restricted Activities Direct services Political campaigns, voter registration drives, and lobbying Capital improvements Salaries for new or existing staff to provide direct services Curricula to be used for direct services Endowments or other fundraising events Support solely for existing operations Activities with religious purposes Grants to individuals Operating deficits or retirement of debt

24 23 Application Process Stage 1: Letter Of Intent (LOI) All applicants are required to complete and submit a LOI online. The form can be accessed at the First 5 LA website Due Monday, July 28 by 5:00 p.m. Stage 2: Proposal Selected applicants will receive an email requesting they submit a proposal using the online application

25 24 Letter of Intent Online Letter of Intent Complete online form Attach Letter of Intent Additional Required Documents IRS Tax Status Determination Letter (nonprofits only) One of the following:  Audited Financial Statement (preferred)  IRS Form 990

26 25 LOI Questions 1.Describe the proposed Capacity Building or Policy/Advocacy project. 2.How does the long-term outcome relate to your organization’s ongoing work? 3.Who will benefit in the long-term from the project? 4.Policy Only: Who/what will the policy target be?

27 26 LOI Review Criteria Alignment with the COF definition of capacity building or policy and advocacy Impact on 0 – 5 year olds Viability of achieving project goal, impacting the long- term outcome, the organization’s effectiveness, and the community’s needs Engagement of organization’s leadership in the project Demonstrated engagement with the target community Alignment of project with Policy Agenda Policy and advocacy applicants only

28 27 Additional Considerations Target the prenatal through age three population Impact on all (or large sections) of LA County Impact on target communities Distribution of funding throughout LA County Distribution of funding across Funding Priority areas and long-term outcomes

29 28 Proposal Preview Proposal will include: Development of a logic model Evaluation plan Submission of project budget and budget narrative

30 29 Key Dates LOI Due Date Monday, July 28 5:00 p.m. LOI Notification August 18 Proposal Workshop (for selected applicants only) Week of August 25 Proposal Due Date September 19 Funding Notification November, 2008 Expected Grant Start Date March, 2009

31 30 Questions & Answers

32 31 Contact Information First 5 LA 750 N. Alameda St, Suite 300 Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213) 482-5902 Aleece Kelly

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