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Video conferencing Global connection Local connections.

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1 Video conferencing Global connection Local connections

2 Video-conferencing - ? transmission of image (video) and speech (audio) back and forth between two or more physically separate locations. To enrich communications To access remote locations To bring together people and groups for discussion

3 V-C - Examples of use Distance Education Counselling Cross organisational meetings Foreign language/cultural exchange Individual or group discussions Interviews – jobs and viva Observation of limited access locations

4 VC – Target audience VC technology easier and inexpensive To all users with basic desk top/windows skills H323 – ITU umbrella standard terminals, gateways, gatekeepers, and multi- point control units. To enable interoperability

5 VC – basic ingredients Terminal end stations or clients Peripheral sets – cameras, speakers, mic’s Workstations – windows (some mac) unix High speed network connections – 128Kpbs IP addresses for workstations MCU (optional)

6 VC - connections ISDN – Integrated services digital Network System of digital phone connections allowing simultaneous data transmission Voice and data carried via B channels Via 64 Kb/s Basic Rate Interface – BRI = 64Kb/s B chann Primary Rate Interface- PRI =144Kb/s D chann

7 VC - Connections To access BRI service Subscribe to ISDN phone line Customer has to be within 5.5 Km of HQ After that expensive repeaters required To communicate with phone company – ISDN terminal adapters ISDN routers

8 VC – Network requirements Data packs must arrive and be sent out to maintain “real time” Low end – 64-128Kbs – OK in general >700 Mb/s more demanding Category 5 plus, horizontal wiring combined with fibre optic vertical wiring Campus desktop via network = hub thus providing a shared ethernet connection – not recommended for VC

9 VC - Network Recommend a switched ethernet connection Gives a “private line” no interference with other computers Firewalls - ? Complex within H323

10 VC – Room preparation Any suitable small conference room may be adapted Main critical factor LIGHTING To equalise light and eliminate shadows Soft textured wall coverings or smooth Size of room – allow for equipment, wall charts, chairs, desk/table How many people on average in your VC

11 VC – Room preparation Reasonably soundproofed Curtains for windows Camera must be able to see all group Trowt-Bayard, Toby, and Jim R. Wilcox, Video Conferencing The Whole Picture, Flatiron Publishing, Inc., 2nd Edition, March 1997

12 VC – survey of market Websites – (cookbook) Discussion lists Conferences Journals Colleagues who already have VC Manufacturers

13 VC – guidelines - bids Price bids for individual equipment Any training needed? Installation and insulation? Warranty and maintenance costs Any contracts needed – purchase/maintenance Special note if PC’s to be used

14 VC - Guidlines Enquire as to near future upgrades Operating system changes ? Will there be a newer system? Will it require hardware changes? Bear the above possibilities in mind when calculating funding

15 VC - Components Camera – how will your image appear to others Video display – computer monitor Audio – important to maintain audio Speakers and microphones Add ons – document camera, VCR, DVD, electronic whiteboard interface

16 UWS - VC 5 main studios linked to MCU MCU - a VC 4600 unit Enables up to 8 sites involved in conference PC based + special processor cards Linked to PC in media services Allows multiple sites within conference Multiple conferences concurrently

17 UWS - VC Main studio holds up to 15 Links to campus theatres and seminars Insulated special room Cameras allowing normal transmission and rostrum cam for transmission of documents Electronic whiteboard Networking point to campus and internet Monitors showing incoming images Speaker phones

18 UWS – VC Examples of use language teaching between Swansea, Liege (Belgium) Strasbourg +other European sites Job interviews with Canada, US, NZ, AU Multipoint conferences with universities Regular post-grad seminars Post-grad Viva interviews Interviews and discussions world wide

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