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CTAP 295 Final Presentation Vincent Gonzalez Chowchilla High School.

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1 CTAP 295 Final Presentation Vincent Gonzalez Chowchilla High School

2 Introduction I teach the Occupations class ( Leader Academy) at Chowchilla High School. I am also the Athletic Director. I was in Law Enforcement/ Probation field for 11 years. My website: her_sites/gonzalez/public_html/ her_sites/gonzalez/public_html/

3 Expectations Before coming to the first work day of the project, I was nervous. I had a little internet experience, but I was hoping to gain more knowledge. As I began the project, I found it was quite interesting being able to create your own website for students to access. As a result of this project, I plan to try to include more web based lessons into my curriculum.

4 Actual Learning I learned how to create a website that had internet based student activities and assessments. I learned how to create links between my pages and make the website easy to access. I learned how to use spreadsheet to create graphs to showcase my student’s performance. I learned how to create a power point presentation to present to fellow teachers.

5 Successes and Shortcomings Overall, the lesson was successful. Students showed improvement in the knowledge of the pillars of character. One of the shortcomings was to get everyone to participate and show their true self. Another shortcoming was finding scenarios that represented the pillar I wanted to work on.

6 Shortcomings in a nutshell Not enough library time to teach my at risk students to access the internet and my website. Students were more interested in finding websites that did not correlate with their task at hand.

7 Successes in a nutshell Most students were able to navigate through the lesson and complete the activities assigned. Most students were successful in using the internet to find the resources required to complete the lesson. The website allowed the students to work at their pace to complete the lesson.

8 Student Data

9 Student Data Summary The data represents the student’s pre and post knowledge of the features used to discuss the pillars of character. Most students did significantly better on the post test.

10 Summary of Revisions The data was significant because it told me how well the students understood the the pillars at the beginning at end of the lesson. The following revisions were made during CTAP 295: –I had to revise my instructional objectives so they each had a criteria, a measurement, and a criterion. –I also had to add a few days on the timeline to acquaint my students with the internet. –Lastly, I am thinking about finding some websites for the students to access before we start the lesson, I think it would help for them to have samples of appropriate websites.

11 Suggested Revisions RevisionSuggestion ObjectiveRefinement TimelineModify to meet refined objectives Update WebsiteStudent check links

12 Conclusion Participating in this process has provided me with a base of skills I had not thought of to bring into the classroom. I will definitely continue to use web based lessons to enhance my student’s learning. Technology integration improves delivery strategies because it allows students to work at their own pace.

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