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3 Welcome and Introduction: WELCOME to my interactive web based lesson that will help students develop strategies and practice writing a well developed evidence based response. We use the acronym BCR which stands for brief constructed response, to refer to short answer questions about specific text. As the reading teacher for our grade level I specifically noticed an educational need for practice in writing responses to short answer questions. This observation was based on several factors from interactions with students to school wide data.

4 ADDIE Process: As I thought about how to design this project I used the ADDIE process which help me organize the the process and what exactly I want my students to learn from this lesson. ANALYSIS:  Specifically looked at school wide data from our ANET Cycle Assessments and DC CAS results from last school year  Decided that students could use more consistent practice developing strategies to write evidence based responses to questions  The need is for formatting and using a graphic organizer to develop a well written response that answers the question and uses evidence, specific details from the passage or selection

5 ADDIE Process: DESIGN and DEVELOP:  Student objectives are aligned with our Common Core State Standards for Reading and Writing  I decided to create an interactive lesson using the weebly website for educators. This site is very helpful as it walks you through how to design a web page and then how to publish the page as well.  Students will work through and navigate the webpage by clicking on the specific pages to review and learn new strategies. They will also watch a video about QAR note taking and learn about informational text  The links to the text passages and graphic organizers can be downloaded and saved to computer desktops. :

6 ADDIE Process: IMPLEMENTATION:  Students can complete the lesson tasks independently during computer center time and in the MAC lab  The video and links can be viewed by students to develop strategies and use a wide variety of graphic organizers EVALUATION:  Students will download their choice of graphic organizer and save their work either to the desktop or send to me as an attachment using their Brightwood gmail accounts (lastname_nelson5th)  Students will collect their text passages and responses to be kept in their learning portfolios for student conferences and final evaluation

7 Learning Standards: Common Core State Standards Reading Standards for Literature RL.5.1Quote accurately from a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text Reading Standards for Informational Text RI.5.8Explain how an author uses reasons and evidence to support particular points in a text, identifying which reasons and evidence support which point(s) Writing Standards W.5.8. Recall relevant information from experiences or gather relevant information from print and digital sources; summarize or paraphrase information in notes and finished work, and provide a list of resources.

8 Learning Objectives: Students Will Be Able To (SWBAT):  Complete the graphic organizer to find evidence from the text (cite the paragraph)  Identify key vocabulary words in the text using context clues  Determine how to find evidence to support the claim  Write a detailed response to a given question about the passage and support your response with evidence from the text  Determine and identify specific strategies to write well thought out response to specific questions related to the text  Answer guided questions using evidence from the text to show, model comprehension skills  Read orally and independently with fluency  Maintain portfolio of completed work to be used during student led conferences at the end of the project

9 Final Product:  As the final product students will be able to demonstrate the strategies they have learned by clicking on the Now You Try link. This link directs them to the assignment page in which there are directions on how to complete the final task.  Students will be directed to download and read the text passage about Michelle Kwan in which they may take notes and type directly on the graphic organizer of their choice.  Students will be reminded to save their work onto the desktop, print the final writing and send it to me as an email attachment Save as: last name_nelson5th  I will evaluate this project two ways. One by looking at individual students to see if the skills were mastered and responses to the questions were answered using evidence from the text. Two by looking at the entire class as a whole to see if the skill was mastered and at what percentage. Reading individual student responses and holding conferences will allow me as the teacher to self reflect about the design plan and make changes if needed. Students will be able to share their feedback and their work from their portfolios.

10 Implementation Plan:  I will implement this lesson with my students as reinforcement and practice in which they can complete the tasks independently. They will have time during our learning stations block to rotate through the computers and complete the activities.  Students will be able to decide if they want to send their work as an email attachment or save to the desk top. Students will be able to print their work samples and keep for their portfolios and final evaluation  My target audience will be my students this summer in which I will make changes as needed and add passages as well in hopes to finalize the tasks for next year.

11 Survey Link and Feedback: Likert Scale Survey Ms. Nelson Practice and Strategies for Writing an Evidence Based Response Welcome!! Thank you for participating in this short survey. I will use the results to evaluate my interactive lesson design plan. Your feedback will be very helpful as I prepare to use these types of lessons in my own classroom. The main learning objective of my design project was to allow students opportunities to gain and practice strategies for writing detailed response to specific comprehension questions. Students are able to choose a graphic organizer, read a text passage and answer a question using evidence from the passage. Please indicate your level of agreement to the following statements using this scale: 1=Strongly Disagree2=Disagree 3=Neutral 4=Agree 5=Strongly Agree

12 Survey Link and Feedback: *All activities, tasks and assessments align with the learning objectives and the Common Core Standards. *Information located on the webpage is organized in a clear, logical way according to our project scoring guide. *The webpage is easy to navigate through and the links were all available. *The assessment appropriately assessed students’ ability to meet the learning objectives. *The graphics, videos, text, pictures and links assist in presenting an overall theme and enhance understanding of concepts, ideas, and relationships. *All activities, tasks, and assessment directions are written clearly and easy to navigate. *Would you consider this interactive lesson a valuable resource for teaching students about writing an evidence based response to specific question. PLEASE feel free to make any other comments or suggestions!! Looking at the results of the survey it is evident that my project is well developed and allows for student learning tasks that are directed to the objectives and standards. I plan to make changes and update the text passages as needed depending on the content. One suggestion was to add examples of different graphic organizers by clicking on a specific link. I am also thinking about changing and adding more graphics, pictures and videos to make it more student centered. Our school Reading Instructional Coach actually worked through the activity and found it very easy to navigate and a positive learning experience. Another suggestion was to add another text passage for the students to do as practice before the assessment. All of the evaluation surveys show that this interactive lesson would be considered a valuable learning resource for students. Looking at the surveys and discussing the feedback helped me keep in perspective the design plan and decide how I want to change and modify the project.


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