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Online Registration University of Belize.

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1 Online Registration University of Belize

2 Online Registration - Access
All students have been issued a username and password to access the University of Belize Student Portal. It was issued on your Acceptance Letter. You should keep your account secure by changing your password regularly.

3 Student Portal Account Info

4 Go to the University of Belize Web Site http://www. ub. edu
Go to the University of Belize Web Site Click on the Student Portal Link

5 Click on Sign In

6 Click Forgot Password to Recover Password

7 Type Student ID Number and click Submit

8 Read Email and Click on URL Link to Change Password

9 Change Your Password

10 Click Login to Return to Login Page

11 Login

12 Successful Login

13 Search for Courses

14 Review Results

15 Review Course Details Add to Cart

16 Search to Add More Courses

17 Search for Courses

18 Review Results

19 Review Course Details Add to Cart

20 Remove Flagged Courses

21 Review Course Status

22 Place Order to Complete Process

23 Course Selection Process has been completed

24 Review Upcoming Registrations

25 Drop or Change Courses

26 Click My Account -> Print Reports to Preview Reports

27 Click My Account -> Print Reports to Preview Reports

28 Print Invoice When Available to make payment at the Bank

29 Click Print Reports to Preview Reports Select Print Registrations

30 Print Registration Schedule to keep in Personal Records

31 Transfer Matrix to Review Potential Transfers

32 Select Feeder Institution

33 Enter Keyword and Click Search

34 Review Search Results

35 Equivalency Matrix Disclaimer
The Equivalency Matrix is designed to be a resource to identify potential transfer credit and associated University of Belize course equivalents from completed course work at other academic institutions. This database is provided as a service for students wanting to know whether the course(s) they are taking or plan to take will transfer to the University of Belize. The database is for reference only and is continually being updated as new courses are evaluated. It is neither an official determination nor a guarantee of transfer credit equivalencies. All information contained within this Matrix is subject to change, without prior notification. Final course equivalency is determined by the university's academic departments.  Courses not appearing in the Matrix may transfer, but most likely have not been evaluated yet. Current UB students desiring an evaluation of courses not appearing in the Matrix should follow up with the Records Office. Credits for college-level courses must be completed with a grade of "C" (2.0) or better.

36 Equivalency Matrix Note
Please note that the equivalency matrix is an aid which is currently being updated and will reflect changes as they are implemented.

37 Registration Reminder
During Early-Registration, Registration, and Late Registration you can change the courses you registered for multiple times. Please note that changes will affect your invoice balance. After Late Registration you can no longer change your courses.

38 Financial Matters Importance to register on time Late fee - $50
Purging of courses Early-registration Payment Purging for non-payments Keep a folder with all academic and financial document Receipts Resignation/Withdrawal forms Scholarship letters, grant letters Other academic and financial documents

39 Where to pay Payments will be done at the following banks either online (via Credit Card) or In-line: Atlantic Bank - Scotia Bank Belize Bank in line only

40 How much to pay Option 1: Full cost Option 2: Minimum payment
Option 3: Payment Plan

41 Scholarship Students Scholarship students must contact the Accounts Office to verify the status of their scholarship.

42 Sponsor Processing Visit the Accounts Office to verify the status of your scholarship, grants pending & Credit Balance Full Scholarship: need to pay $1 to confirm registration Grants Pending: If: Grant is ≥ minimum amount on invoice student must pay $1 to confirm registration. If: Grant is < minimum amount on invoice Student must pay difference to meet minimum amount . Credit Balance If: edit balance is ≥ minimum amount on invoice student must pay $1 to confirm registration. If: Credit balance is < minimum amount on invoice Student must pay the difference to meet minimum amount .

43 Key Information to Remember
Remove Courses: If you have no intention of attending the semester please remove those courses. If the courses are in your registrations and you abandon those courses without following the proper procedure you will get an ‘F’ for those courses as well as having to pay tuition. Purging for Non-Payment: You must follow the semester calendar in terms of days for final payment. If the minimum payment has not been met by the stated date all your courses will be removed from the system. Semester Payment Deadline: All invoices must be cleared by Mid Semester. Failure to do so will result in a Financial Block. Financial Blocks: Student are blocked from accessing any official UB documents, sitting final exams for the current semester and registering for the following semester until the blocks has been addressed at the Accounts department.

44 Tips Keep a folder with all documents.
Check your UB and student portal regularly. Contact the Accounts Office to verify account balance. Do not sit in class if payment has not been made or arrangement for payments. Be sure to get a receipt when you send someone to make payment on your behalf. Take your UB ID or the invoice to avoid mistakes when paying at the bank. Be aware of the stipulation of scholarship letter (program of study, exp. date, GPA, etc.)

45 Final Note You can participate in making the system better by sending any bugs / comments / suggestions to the following address: If you have any question, please call the Registrar’s Office: ext. 208 THANK YOU.

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