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REGISTRAR’S OFFICE INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE. OUTLINE The Registrar’s Office Role The Student’s Role: pre-departure The Student’s Role: after you arrive.

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2 OUTLINE The Registrar’s Office Role The Student’s Role: pre-departure The Student’s Role: after you arrive Course Descriptions Course Load Transfer of Credit to your Carleton University Record Before you return Questions

3 THE REGISTRAR’S OFFICE ROLE Approve courses to fit into your program in consultation with your department. Explain the credit transfer system for your institution. Maintain contact with you via your Carleton email account. Transfer your credits at the end of your study abroad after official transcripts are received. Study Abroad Designation (2.0 to 3.5 cr = Study Term Abroad, 4.0 or more cr = Study Year Abroad)

4 THE STUDENT’S ROLE: Pre-Departure Ensure you have an active Carleton email account and check your email regularly. Frequently asked questions Exchange course equivalencies database Check Exchange database for courses that have already been evaluated. Major and Minor forms are to be submitted to the department for advising, elective forms are to be submitted on-line. The deadlines for submission of the Major and Minor forms are April 30 th for Fall term exchanges and October 15 th for Winter term exchanges. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their Program Advisors regarding all Exchange course decisions. Major and Minor approval forms

5 STUDENT’S ROLE: Pre-Departure Interdisciplinary Programs, i.e. Humanities, Criminology, Human Rights, etc. are to submit courses via the online electives form. BIB and BCom students are required to use Sprott’s 6-step process for Approval of Courses from Abroad : ms-resources/approval-of-courses-abroad/ ms-resources/approval-of-courses-abroad/ By the end of July the Registrar’s Office will register you in the full time course indicator, you will then need to visit Carleton Central to make the required fee payments.

6 STUDENT’S ROLE: After You Arrive You likely will not be able to register in your courses until you arrive at the Host University. Registration issues may include: changes to courses after you arrive; no guarantee of space in courses; timetable conflicts

7 STUDENT’S ROLE: After You Arrive IMPORTANT: Notify your Registrar Specialist when your registration is complete at the Host University. Include any changes to your course selection or registration.

8 COURSE DESCRIPTIONS In order to have courses evaluated you must provide: Original course description in the original language including the source (i.e.: course calendar or website). Include year level of course at Host University, as well as credit weight at host institution (ECTS, credit points). Include translation of course description and identify translator (i.e. google) Submit more courses for evaluation than the number of courses you intend to register for. Online Electives form

9 COURSE LOAD Students are required to register in a full-time course load as defined by Carleton University for academic and financial purposes. One course at another university does not necessarily equal 0.5 Carleton credits. Eg. 6 ECTS = 0.5 Carleton credits, 30 ECTS = 2.5 Carleton credits. Number of credits transferred depends on the number of credits completed.

10 TRANSFER OF CREDIT TO CARLETON UNIVERSITY RECORD Once you have confirmed your registration, a notation of CEX (current exchange) will appear on your audit and you will receive a confirmation email. Successful credit (or pass) will appear as EXC on your audit and your Carleton University transcript (the grade itself is not transferred).

11 TRANSFER OF CREDIT TO YOUR CARLETON UNIVERSITY RECORD Failures or absent without withdrawal will transfer to your Carleton record and will appear on your official transcript as an F. Transferred F’s will be calculated into your CGPA until the credit is replaced. You will be notified through Carleton email when the transfer of credits to your Carleton record is complete. If credits are not transferred where you expect them to count in your program, please speak with your program advisor.


13 BEFORE YOU RETURN Prior to your departure, please make arrangements for your transcripts to be sent to: Chau Hoang, Exchange Program Coordinator, International Student Services Office (ISSO), Room 128 University Centre, Carleton University.

14 BEFORE YOU RETURN Make sure to receive a copy or copies of the transcripts for your own files. Remember that transcripts may be delayed. Year level increase for registration purposes for the following Fall/Winter terms only occurs when we have confirmed your course registration for all terms of your exchange.

15 QUESTIONS Registrar’s Office 300 Tory 613-520-3500 registrar’

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