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Jessica Allen Brenda Esparza Alexis Gutierrez Annissa Servian Stephanie Soto.

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1 Jessica Allen Brenda Esparza Alexis Gutierrez Annissa Servian Stephanie Soto

2 There is an epidemic going on throughout the United States and it’s seriousness is alarming. “According to statistics distributed by Animal Services of El Paso, 80% of the animals impounded at animal services are killed and the number of lives extinguished annually in El Paso has risen steadily since 1999.”

3 Sheltered animals are given a time limit of 3-7 days, before they are “put to sleep” or euthanized Animal Services is funded by the government.

4 The act of putting to death painlessly. 6-8 million adoptable, loving animals are killed annually due to over population in shelters. Paid by tax payers, ranging from 45 to 55 dollars per dog or cat. 2011: 24,465 out of 31,852 were euthanized 5010 have been killed so far this year.

5 The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) The Humane Society of El Paso Animals are rescued from the Animal Control Shelter when there is available space for the animals to stay. Overcapacity doesn’t allow for all homeless animals to be saved

6 Prevention Spay/Neuter Education Alternatives Animal Therapy International Soldiers Best Friend Prison Pets Adoption

7 Drastically minimizing the number of homeless pets. The Humane Society holds a National Spay Day annually in February The El Paso city-county health and environment district program provides free spaying and neutering throughout the city with pet care-A-van.

8 Lack of education as a responsible pet owner 73% Social media

9 TDI is a volunteer organization that saves the lives of animals by adopting and certifying dogs to be therapy dogs DSR (Disaster Stress Relief) Assisted living Home Visit Hospitals (Children's & General) Nursing Homes Libraries Schools

10 Non-profit organization Assists veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder or brain injuries, by giving them a therapeutic dog (who is certifiably trained) Helps veterans assimilate back to their normal lives.

11 PAWS Prisons and humane societies working together Benefits both the animal and inmate. Freckles Jada

12 When adopting you are guaranteed a spayed/neutered pet, up to date shots, and already embed microchip. “When you adopt a pet you save two lives; the life of the animal you just adopted, and that of the one that’s going to fill its spot in the shelter.”

13 The population of homeless cats and dogs is growing beyond measure, which results in a high number of animals being “put down”. This is an improvident, expensive, and ineffective solution. As you’ve seen, there are ways to prevent the high number of homeless animals and euthanasia.


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