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1 Biomes

2 What are biomes? Biomes are large geographical areas that have similar climates and ecosystems.

3 The biomes: Tundra Taiga Temperate deciduous forest
Tropical Rain forest Grassland Desert


5 Let's take a closer look at each one....

6 TUNDRA: Fact sheet Located at latitudes around the north and the south pole. Little precipitation- less than 25 cm/yr. Covered with ice most of the year. Winters are 6 to 9 months long/ summers are short. Covered with permafrost (permanently frozen soil)

7 Tundra Biome



10 Tundra Biome

11 Taiga Biome Located at latitudes between 50 – 60 degrees north.
Precipitation between cm each year. Covered with cone bearing trees called coniferous trees. Very similar to pine trees Very long cold winters that last more than 5-6 months. No permafrost. The ground thaws!!






17 Taiga

18 Taiga

19 Temperate Deciduous Forest
Located at latitudes below 50 degrees North. Have four seasons each year. Summer, Spring, Winter, and Fall Precipitation ranges between cm/ yr. Winters are cool and summers are warm. Covered with deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves). Found in the eastern United States

20 Temperate Deciduous Forest


22 Temperate Deciduous Forest

23 Temperate Deciduous Forest

24 Tropical Rain Forest Located near the equator.
Average rainfall 200 to 225 cm/ yr. Warm temperatures most of the year- hot and humid climate. Contains over 700 species of trees and 1000 species of flowering plants. Contains the most variety of animal species compared to every other habitat. Most of the world’s medicine comes from the rain forest

25 Tropical Rain Forest

26 Tropical Rain Forest                     


28 Tropical Rainforest

29 Grassland Biome Precipitation between 25 and 75 cm/yr.
Covered with communities of grasses. Have large root systems that can withstand drought conditions. Rich and fertile soil. Home to grazing animals and farmland.

30 Grassland


32 Grasslands

33 Grassland                                              

34 Desert Biome Driest biome on earth. Less than 25 cm of rain per year.
Located near 30 degree North and South latitude . Animals and plants have special adaptations for survival. Rain is quickly drained away or evaporated.



37 Deserts

38 Desert                                              

39 Where is the world's largest desert?


41 Antarctica It is the largest desert on earth
It is a desert because it receives less than 10” of precipitation per year The ice at Antarctica is nearly 3 miles deep

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