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Do Now When the map appears, list what numbers 1-6 represent.

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1 Do Now When the map appears, list what numbers 1-6 represent.

2 ItalyMacedonia Adriatic SeaGreece CyprusTurkeyConstantinopleSpain Mediterranean Sea Sparta Aegean Sea Black Sea 1 2 3 Key: Cities are red, Countries are green, bodies of water are blue 4 5 6

3 The Split Between the Churches Byzantine Empire Unit

4 Christianity in the Byzantine Empire Official religion of Byzantine Empire Church worked closely with government Emperor was believed to be Christ’s representative on Earth.

5 The Issue of Icons

6 Divided church for 100 years; final straw in the split Some believed icons to be worshipped, some saw them as symbols of God’s presence. AD 726 – Byzantine Emperor Leo III ends use of icons in church. Followers known as iconoclasts = image breakers. Many refused to follow; AD 787 church appeals decision

7 Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! Fight damaged Eastern/Western Church Pope (from Rome) has Leo III (from Constantinople) excommunicated (kicked out of the Church) Pope liked icons because many in West were illiterate and pictures helped the service Patriarch (like the Pope in the east) of Constantinople refuses to recognize Pope because the Emperor (Leo) was Christ’s representative on Earth.

8 The Pope & the Byzantine Empire Break Up Pope breaks ties with Byzantine Empire Crowns Charlemagne, Emperor of Holy Roman Empire. (shows the Pope is in charge of politics in the west) Byzantines become upset, leads to Great Schism of 1054. Schism – split or breaking up Eastern Orthodox Church born in Constantinople and Roman Catholic Church based in Rome

9 Roman Catholicism v. Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholicism – In West Centered in Rome Centered in Rome Priests were celibate Priests were celibate Latin used in services Latin used in services Supported use of icons Supported use of icons Headed by Pope Headed by Pope Becomes Roman Catholic Church Becomes Roman Catholic Church Eastern Orthodox – In East Centered in Constantinople Centered in Constantinople Priests could marry Priests could marry Greek used in services Greek used in services Forbid use of icons Forbid use of icons Headed by Patriarch Headed by Patriarch Becomes Eastern Orthodox Church Becomes Eastern Orthodox Church

10 Cyril Spreads Christianity Byzantine monks traditionally spread Christianity. Most famous was Cyril, traveled Slavic regions of Eastern Europe. Gained followers and made major contribution of Cyrillic alphabet. Most Slavs were illiterate so he designed an alphabet based on Greek and their language. Cyrillic alphabet – based loosely on Greek alphabet; still used in parts of Europe

11 The Cyrillic Alphabet

12 Reflection How do you think the split in the church may affect the long term cultural differences in the east and the west?

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