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East vs. West.

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1 East vs. West

2 Similarities and Differences

3 Differences Between Eastern church and western church
Roman Catholic Eastern Church Eastern Orthodox Centered in Rome Pope has authority over Bishops Centered in Constantinople Patriarch and other bishops share authority Farther away from the seat of power once Constantinople became capital Close to the seat of power once Constantinople became the capital Latin is spoken in the Liturgy (church services) Greek is spoken in the liturgy (church services) Pope has authority over Kings and emperors Emperor has authority over Patriarch and bishops Priests can’t marry Divorce is not permitted Priests can marry Divorce is allowed under certain conditions

4 What was the problem? The Catholic (west) and Orthodox (east) argued over the following issues Icons Who was in charge? Pope (west) vs. Emperor (east)


6 What is an Icon? Religious images that can be prayed to.
Statue of the Virgin Mary Jesus Christ on the cross They appear in several forms; in mural painting, mosaic and most typically painted on small wooded panels.






12 The fight over Icons Orthodox (East) Catholic (West)
Thought it was wrong to worship something that was man- made. Worship should only be made to God. Catholic (West) Thought that icons brought you closer to the idea/person Praying to a statue of Jesus brought you closer to him

13 How did the icon fight begin?
In 730, Byzantine Emperor Leo III banned the use of icons , This Byzantine emperor viewed the use of icons as idol worship.

14 How does the west react? One pope even ordered the excommunication of a Byzantine emperor—that is, he said the emperor was not a Christian and the church wouldn’t give him recognition any longer. Why is this a problem?

15 So what’s the difference?
The Great Schism In 1054 the Christian church split into 2 churches forever. In the West; the Roman Catholic (universal) Church. In the East; the Eastern Orthodox (correct belief) Church. So what’s the difference?

16 The West - Roman Catholic Church
Mass was in Latin Pope was Supreme head of Church in the West - above any political ruler Priests could NOT marry Religious icons of martyrs and saints to be respected Only Pope and Bishops could interpret the scriptures.

17 The POPE is the leader of the WESTERN Roman Catholic Church.

18 The East- Orthodox Church
“Mass” was in Greek - so everyone could understand. Monks who did missionary work often converted it into the language of the people they were trying to convert The Byzantine Emperor was superior to religious leader(patriarch) of Constantinople. Priests could marry Icons not allowed

19 The leader of the EASTERN
Orthodox Church is the “PATRIARCH”.

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