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Tampa Comprehensive Plan Housing Element Affordable Housing Policies.

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1 Tampa Comprehensive Plan Housing Element Affordable Housing Policies

2 Tampa Comprehensive Plan Establishes framework for addressing existing and future growth needs Focuses on 20 year horizon First adopted in 1989 Currently being updated – Early 2009 adoption date anticipated

3 Growth Assumptions By 2025 – Population projected to increase by 92,300 Employment projected to increase by 132,300 Housing need estimated at 41,130 units Tampa is 93% built out New housing to be met through redevelopment

4 Tampa Comprehensive Plan Vision Map Encourage new development in and around business centers Preserve & enhance neighborhoods Encourage new residential development along transit corridors (mixed used corridor villages)

5 Affordable Housing Policies Land Use and Zoning Mixed-Income Development Code Review / Revisions Housing Programs Coordination / Collaboration Development Incentives Housing Conditions Access Housing Element

6 Land Use and Zoning Ensure adequate land to accommodate existing and projected housing needs Future Land Use Map / Classifications Permit a variety of housing densities and types Allow opportunities for low-cost subsidized housing in single-family areas Mixed-Use Categories to accommodate new housing Housing Element

7 Land Use and Zoning (continued) Zoning Allow accessory structures to create new affordable housing units Use Planned Development Review to encourage housing diversity Housing Element

8 Mixed-Income Development Build “communities” not just housing units Replace obsolete public housing units with mixed- income communities Revitalize mixed income neighborhoods with ownership units, multi-family units and retail space Encourage affordable housing within mixed-use developments Encourage mixed-income market-rate and subsidized housing in downtown Housing Element

9 Code Review / Revisions Reduce costs to affordable housing Consider cumulative impacts of requirements on cost of housing Assess development regulations and remove unnecessary requirements that may impact cost of housing Develop “off-sets” for projects that contain affordable housing in meeting requirements Housing Element

10 Housing Programs Provide Housing Assistance Down Payment Assistance Subsidized Rental Housing Low Income Loans Deferred Payment Employer Assisted Housing Programs Educate clients of housing assistance programs Housing Element

11 Housing Programs (continued) Leverage resources to secure federal & state funding Create new programs for new services, i.e., budget management, access to self- sufficiency programs Housing Element

12 Coordination / Collaboration Seek regional solutions Establish partnerships with Community- Based organizations for new housing Support Tampa Housing Authority in developing mixed-income communities Encourage creative partnerships in creating new housing strategies Housing Element

13 Development Incentives Develop density bonuses Provide for expedited permitting Reduce parking requirements Housing Element

14 Housing Condition Rehabilitation costs less than new construction Provide low-cost rehabilitation loans Work with residents to increase rehabilitation efforts to minimize code violations Maintain condition of structures through Code Enforcement Use State and Federal funding to support rehabilitation efforts Housing Element

15 Access Enforce Fair Housing standards to ensure access to housing Housing Element

16 Tampa Comprehensive Plan Transmitted to State for final review Anticipated adoption in early 2009

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