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Open SUNY Overview FACT 2 February 2012 Associate Provost Carey Hatch.

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1 Open SUNY Overview FACT 2 February 2012 Associate Provost Carey Hatch

2 SUNY’s Online Environment SUNY is a nationally recognized leader in online learning through the SUNY Learning Network (SLN) and Empire State College – 35 campuses opt into SLN to support their online efforts The SLN Online Course Finder is available to all campuses to list their online courses Regional Campus Consortia are forming to promote collaborative degree programs

3 SUNY’s Online Environment Provides more options for students – 12,000 full online sections in an academic year Facilitates transfer and completion of general education – Approximately 3,800 General Education course sections (guaranteed to transfer) – Approximately 3,400 course sections of Foundation Courses in the Major (guaranteed to transfer)

4 SUNY’s Online Environment While much progress has been made, there remains unmet demand – The number of current online degree programs is modest for a system of SUNY’s size 95 Associate degree programs 41 Bachelor’s degree programs (28 at Empire State) 20 Master’s degree programs – Many community colleges are seeing online graduates going to private institutions to continue their studies

5 SUNY’s Online Environment Challenges to further growth: – While conceptually any student can take online or face-to-face courses from other SUNY campuses while a full time student at their “home” campus, those courses are not covered by financial aid unless campuses have a “Consortia Agreement” – Campus departments that might want to offer a specific BA/BS online must convince other departments on their campus to fulfill degree requirements

6 Enter the Power of SUNY Chancellor Zimpher called for an expansion of SUNY’s online environment to facilitate student success: Open SUNY

7 Open SUNY Open SUNY Vision – Open SUNY has the potential to be the preeminent and most extensive online-learning environment in the nation. It will provide affordable, high quality, convenient, innovative, and flexible online education opportunities for the citizens of the State of New York. As a collaborative online educational network, it will draw on the Power of SUNY to connect students with faculty and peers from across the state and throughout the world, and link them to the best in research-based online teaching and learning environments, practices, and resources. Open SUNY will be dedicated to providing access to online learning opportunities that connect learner and community needs, and will allow the State University of New York to bring this concept to scale like no other college, university, or system in the United States.

8 Open SUNY Open SUNY Mission – Open SUNY extends SUNY’s online learning environment by providing online courses, new targeted degree programs, improved avenues for degree completion, and comprehensive student and faculty support services. Open SUNY leverages the experience and knowledge of campuses already deeply invested in online learning and provides mechanism to enable institutions new to online to strategically enter the environment. Open SUNY will align several University-wide programs and initiatives and develop partnerships with participating campuses to provide services for Online and Open Learning and certification of both prior work and learning, to establish a world class online university.

9 Open SUNY Open SUNY Mission – Open SUNY will provide leadership at the system level for the effective planning, promotion, development, delivery, and support of online courses and programs, by: establishing SUNY standards and best practices for online teaching and learning using collective resources to pursue inter-campus cooperation wherever economies of scale apply providing scalable, supportable innovative learning environments that engage 21 st century learners expanding research and development efforts through a combination of SUNY-wide initiatives, advisory group efforts, and campus-based research activities extending SUNY’s brand both nationally and internationally

10 Open SUNY Open SUNY will leverage – Existing campus online programs and courses – Existing campus staff and expertise in online teaching and learning – Empire State College’s expertise in prior learning assessment and Open Education – SUNY’s mobility policies and procedures for guaranteed transfer of approved General Education Courses and Foundation Courses in the majors – SUNY’s University-wide programs supporting enterprise academic technologies and services (i.e. SUNY Learning Network, SUNY Center for Professional Development, SUNY Office of Library and Information Services)

11 Open SUNY Open SUNY Consortium (Financial Aid) Targeted Online Degree Programs Degree Completion Programs Prior Learning Assessment Service Utilization and creation of MOOCs Experiential learning opportunities

12 Open SUNY Research Network Open SUNY Content/Learning Object Repositories Online programs to support workforce development Extension of the SUNY Brand to a national and international audience Realignment of University-wide Academic Programs

13 Open SUNY Chancellor’s Online Education Advisory Team – Open SUNY find out more – mework/goals_ideas_teams/gettingdo wntobusiness8.cfm mework/goals_ideas_teams/gettingdo wntobusiness8.cfm

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