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Open SUNY Update University at Buffalo - March 21, 2013 Associate Provost Carey Hatch.

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1 Open SUNY Update University at Buffalo - March 21, 2013 Associate Provost Carey Hatch

2 SUNY’s Online Environment SUNY is a nationally recognized leader in online learning through the SUNY Learning Network (SLN) and Empire State College –35 campuses opt into SLN to support their online efforts The SLN Online Course Finder is available to all campuses to list their online courses Regional Campus Consortia are forming to promote collaborative degree programs

3 SUNY’s Online Environment From a system perspective, online degree program growth is modest: 95 Associate degree programs 41 Bachelor’s degree programs (28 at Empire State) 20 Master’s degree programs Data suggests online graduates are electing to attend private institutions to continue studies

4 Open SUNY Provides, encourages and leverages: –New online courses; –New targeted degree programs; –Improved avenues for degree completion; –Open access to SUNY created instructional content; and –Comprehensive student and faculty support services. –Knowledge and expertise of SUNY faculty and campuses already invested in online learning –Mechanisms to enable institutions to strategically enter the online environment

5 Open SUNY - Policy Implications Financial Aid –The Office of the Provost, in concert with SUNY’s Student Financial Aid team, will coordinate the creation of a financial aid consortium of all 64 campuses –Allows a student to take up to 50% of their course work from any institution within the Consortia to receive full financial aid from their home campus –Course cross listing options –IT systems are being transformed to support seamless, cross campus, student learning SUNY-wide.

6 Open SUNY - Policy Implications The Office of the SUNY Provost will collaborate with campuses to identify/offer high needs online degree programs –These programs will not necessarily require a host campus to develop all the necessary courses to confer a degree –University-wide consortia agreements will facilitate financial aid and articulation agreements with the student’s home campus

7 Open SUNY - Policy Implications Open Education Resource Development –SUNY is encouraging faculty and campuses to openly license instructional content produced for educational purposes –IITG Funded e-Textbook Pilot –SUNY Learning Commons –SUNY Digital Repository –Non-SUNY Resources (e.g., MERLOT)

8 Open SUNY - Policy Implications Campus Support –The Office of the Provost will provide financial and programmatic support to campuses for the development of Open SUNY resources –Revenue models are being developed to illustrate campus based incentives

9 Open SUNY Online Advisory Team Chancellor Accepted All Recommendations: –Assessment of Prior Learning –Exploration of Creation and/or consumption of MOOCs –Expanding research of Online Teaching & Learning –Promotion of Innovation and Academic Excellence to reduce student cost, debt and time to degree. Build capacity through Open Access Journals, Open Education Resources (OER), Open Textbooks, and Open Courseware

10 Broadening the Conversation Understanding Campus Needs –Wide variance in campus level support for online course and program development –Exploring how Office of the SUNY Provost can assist campus-based efforts –Expanding service and software contracts to provide students and faculty with a richer and more secure online experience

11 Broadening the Conversation Progress Underway: –SUNY Learning Commons migrating to full production –Innovative Instruction Technology Grants program entering second year of funding: E Portfolio, E-Textbooks & OER development (Mark Ludwig, Dean Hendrix, Ben Wagner) Gaming & Simulation (Multiple Projects) (Deborah Waldrop, Steve Sturman, Mary Ann Meeker, David Milling, Karen Zinnerstrom, Tony Guzman, Katharina Dittmar, Jessica Poulin & Bina Ramamurthy) Assessment (Christine Kroll) Digital Literacy (Robin Sullivan, Cyndi Tysick)

12 Broadening the Conversation Opportunities to Participate: –FACT2 Task Groups ( Learning Analytics Developmental Education E-Portfolio (Brenda Battleson, LIS) –Task Groups now realizing support of Open SUNY: Learning Environments (Lisa Stephens) Intellectual Property (Beth Adelman, Bob Reis) E-Textbooks (Charles Lyons)

13 Broadening the Conversation Opportunities to Participate: –SUNY Sponsored Conferences Conference on Instruction & Technology (CIT) SUNY Technology Conference (STC) includes EdTOA SUNY Library Association (SUNYLA) SUNY Online (SOL Summit) Wizard (IT and Enterprise System Support)

14 Narrowing the Conversation What does UB need? What should System be considering? What has UB adopted that is working? How are you leveraging internal processes to develop online learning?

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