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The new World of Architectural Solutions NEXT. BACKNEXT.

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1 The new World of Architectural Solutions NEXT


3 :: About Us :: Architectural Design and Drafting involves significant overhead in terms of personnel, computer systems, legal software, office space and drafting equipment, which require considerable investment Labor-intensive processes can be outsourced to a lower cost facility, thus focusing one's resources on higher profit margin tasks, and avoid the trap of exhausting resources and finances on lower margin activities. MDI Architectural Division, a joint venture of MDI Datanet and Spaceart Architects, has been addressing the demands of the above scenario. MDI Datanet, a proven company in the field of IT/ITES, is your one-stop solution for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), content conversion, and information technology (IT) outsourcing requirements. Spaceart Architects a young & dynamic Architectural consultancy, handles live projects embracing a modern work culture and style. Our corporate commitment embraces simple yet powerful principles that ensure value to our client-Quality, Reliability, Security, Scalability, and Cost Savings. BACKNEXT

4 :: Benefits :: Out sourcing CAD work helps architects, engineers and facility managers to focus on their core competencies, such as designing, and project management rather than disperse attention in mundane activities such as drafting. In addition the following benefits are possible.  Significant cost savings by using a pool of skilled professionals at a lower cost base of operation  In-depth Architectural Design and Drafting knowledge  Efficient project management that will ensure work is executed as per schedule, and delivered in accordance with quality control measures  From 3D rendering to 3D walkthrough, to bring your 2D drawings to life  3D photo realistic models for use in presentations, to help the client conceive ideas quickly.  Dedicated staff creates a virtual extension of the team and billing will be streamlined on man-month basis BACKNEXT

5 :: Our Process :: Raw Information Processed Information Feedback & Changes Final Product CLIENTMDI DATANET Communication Process via FTP, E-mail or Fax BACKNEXT

6 Process and Procedure Client to MDI Concept drawings, Sketches of design as hand sketches or CAD drawings, Scanned images, Blueprint of plans, Details, Site Maps, Topographic maps, historical documents, and detail drawings for construction purposes and 3D generation. Input formats in dwg, dxf - AutoCAD, rvt - Revit, 3ds - 3DMax (drawing formats) jpeg or jpg, bmp, PDF, tiff, targa, png, psd (picture files) MDI Architecture Division - Work process Converting/ Drafting/ Detailing, 3Dmodeling, Perspective generation in desired CAD formats and standards. Output formats AutoCAD, 3Dmax, Revit, jpeg or jpg, bmp, PDF, tiff, targa, png, psd etc. Quality Checking by project managers, daily work updation, preliminary product, final product Client – Review Checking the work done and instructing MDI on corrections, changes, options and comments to be implemented. MDI Architecture Division - Work process As per review complete Corrections/ Markings/ changes carried out for the final product or next stage review. Communication Process via FTP, email or fax. BACKNEXT

7 :: Services ::  Raster to vector conversion (Paper to CAD conversion) BACKNEXT

8  2D to 3D BACKNEXT

9  Computer rendered Perspectives - Exterior views, Interior views BACKNEXT

10  Concept to Working BACKNEXT

11 BACKNEXT :: Other Services ::  Architectural CAD Drawings  Building Services Drawings  Detail Drawings  Survey Drawings / Topographic Maps  Interior Detail Drawings  3D Modeling

12 :: Contact Us :: Operations in Charge:Sharath Thomas Chief Architect:Shonin C Simon Head Office:A20-21 Gayatri, Technopark, Trivandrum 695581 India Phone : +91-471 304-8987 VolP Phone (786) 594-2646 For detail proposal please contact us BACK

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