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TITAN Group …….Managing Site Build up for the telecom sector TICS Telecom Projects Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

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1 TITAN Group …….Managing Site Build up for the telecom sector TICS Telecom Projects Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

2 About Ourselves n Tics a Construction as well as Consultancy Company offering Site Management Services for over a decade, for all infrastructural activities related with Site Build Up for Telecom Sector, has now been formed into a Limited company, backed by a professionally accomplished group n Consisting of a team of over 300 experienced engineers fully conversant right from Survey, Design, Civil, Electrical, Air-conditioning & Alternate Power Supply Systems backed by a liaison team, to facilitate the execution n Our theme is Give us your Net work plan, we give you a Site ready for commissioning & integration into the Network n In other words we are you on field in Letter & Spirit What are We ?

3 Overview n Site Location details-Search Circle n Generalized know how of the equipment i.e. type of equipment to be provided on the site & its specifications Input from Customer Output from TICS n Site Survey & acquisition. n Site completion as per customer requirements assuring Safety, Quality & Speed. n Site hand over with complete site specific document, Acceptance Manuals, Test Reports, Warranty cards, Final Bill of Materials with market verifications, Maintenance & Operational manuals for electrical equipment. n Integration of PIU, DG, AC, Rectifier, Battery Bank, Fire and Security Systems with Telecom equipment. n Quality Assurance Plan implemented at site.

4 Our Offer Scope of Work n Site Feasibility Survey n Site Acquisition, n State & Local permissions n Survey Report & Proposals for Site Planning n Generation of generalized working specifications & procedures n Site Specific Document u Site Drawings - Civil, Electrical, Air-conditioning, DG, Telecom Cable Routing & Equipment Layout Plan u Scope of Work for each Vendor u Bill of Material u Site Budget u Project Planning with time schedule u Quality Assurance Plan u Dedicated Site Supervision u Monitoring of Time Schedule

5 Our Offer Scope of Work contd.… n Total Coordination with Vendors n Supervision of the Installation & checking of u Electrical System u Alternate Power Supply System u Air-conditioning System u Grounding System u Security & Fire Alarm System u Telecom Equipment & Outdoor Installation n Third Party Checks & Tests on the operations of the above systems n Site Hand-over Acceptance Manual n As Built Documents n Coordination with maintenance team of customer for initial operation of the site and troubleshooting

6 Management Tools Supervision Network TICS Head Site EngineersSenior Engineer Design Office Approved Plans Survey Survey Report As Built Document Site Completion & Verification Site Hand Over CUSTOMER

7 Management Tools Reporting Procedure / Site Coordination Site in Progress n Status of Work carried out at site n Material Reached at site n Delays if any n Action Proposed n Plan for the succeeding period Final Compilation of Report at TICS Office CUSTOMER Comments & Suggestions In case of emergency Instructions / Guidance

8 Customer Benefits n Safety, Quality & Speed n Technical Assurance n Cost Optimization - fixed cost on per site basis n Third Party Checks on all Infrastructural Activities n Rich Information on Market Rates, Vendors & Alternatives n TICS representation at site will give a logistics benefit n Zero Defect Principle n Follow up with the vendors

9 Our Strengths n Complete familiarity with the Infrastructure requirements of Telecom Sector n Technical Ability n Vast Resources to source out alternate vendors of all items n Complete familiarization with Northern states n Past & present experience of having worked in the area n Complete set up in Punjab, Haryana, UP East, UP West, Bihar, Bangalore & Delhi n Minimum Response Time

10 Comparison CUSTOMER EXECUTES n Builds up additional infrastructure team n Training of the team n High Communication & Conveyance Cost n Long Term commitment for employed staff n Variation limited on the quantum of the work to be handled n Variable Input Cost n Third Party checks at extra costs TICS EXECUTES n Existing Teams n Trained Engineers n Complete familiarization with the Northern states including Delhi n No Communication & Conveyance Cost n No Long Term commitment as cost is per site n The number of Engineers deployed proportion to roll out plan n Fixed Cost n Third Party Checks included

11 A Vote of Thanks n Tics is indebted to Customer for putting faith in us & in return we would endeavor to give our best, in improving on the short comings in the upcoming phase under completion & develop new thrust in Economic Extraction of Men, Money & Material-so that our services are value added -Compiled by Deepak Kaushik

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