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RECRUITING FROM STEM SUBJECTS Carl Gilleard, CEO, Association of Graduate Recruiters.

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1 RECRUITING FROM STEM SUBJECTS Carl Gilleard, CEO, Association of Graduate Recruiters

2 OPENING HEADLINES We have been here before The scale and challenges have never been greater We are not alone – the USA is facing the same issues

3 WHAT GROUND WILL I COVER? Desk research Results of a targeted survey of AGR members in STEM areas

4 HOUSE OF LORDS SELECT COMMITTEE – HE IN STEM SUBJECTS (2012) Summary Jobs of the future will increasingly require people with capabilities that STEM education provides Mismatch in supply and demand – numbers and skills Concern over definitions – some courses contain little science Too few pupils studying Maths at A level

5 HOUSE OF LORDS SELECT COMMITTEE – HE IN STEM SUBJECTS (2012) Summary (continued) HE should demand higher Maths grades STEM postgraduates essential to drive innovation, R&D and entrepreneurship Immigration rules impacting on supply Need for: – better STEM teachers – better careers advice and education – single comprehensive national syllabus – increasing industry involvement to improve employability

6 SOCIAL MARKET FOUNDATION In the Balance – The STEM Human Capital Crunch (2013) Summary: Path to economic growth reliant on building and sustaining STEM industries and skills Immigration control means more emphasis on growing our own Already shortages. STEM graduates in demand in all industries

7 SOCIAL MARKET FOUNDATION Royal Academy of Engineering Demand for new workers - 104,000 STEM graduates and 56,000 STEM technicians in each year until 2020 Annual shortfall amounts to 40,000 graduates a year CBI Reported that over 40% of employers currently experience difficulties in recruiting staff with STEM

8 AGR SURVEY OF STEM RECRUITERS Supply of STEM graduates 45% believe there is a serious problem 50% believe there is a manageable problem

9 RECRUITER APPROACHES TO OVERCOME THE PROBLEM Ranking: 1.Better understanding among students of roles and prospects 2.Earlier hiring through internships 3.Partnering with faculties 4.Earlier hiring through school leaver programmes 5.Increased on-campus activities 6.Better financial support for students 7.Higher salaries 8.Reducing entry requirements

10 WHY DO STEM GRADUATES AVOID STEM CAREERS? 1. Poaching from other sectors 1. Lack of awareness of roles 3. Competition on pay 4. Low prestige of scientific careers in the UK 5. Roles on offer are uninteresting

11 IS THERE A GENDER ISSUE? 59% think there is a big problem 41% think some progress has been made, but it’s still a concern

12 HOW DO YOU OVERCOME GENDER IMBALANCES? Capture at an earlier age Better careers advice More visible high achievers (role models) Better & earlier numeracy & science in schools Improve attractiveness of STEM subjects in schools More school engagement by employers Family friendly policies


14 ONE THING TO IMPROVE THE SITUATION: More internships Subsidise tuition fees Government sponsorship for students Better promotion of STEM subjects and careers in schools (by the schools) Insist STEM subjects studied to GCSE/ A level Create real partnership with education More effort by universities to work with employers Make careers more appealing

15 The key is to inform, inspire and educate younger people on the wealth of career opportunities that STEM can lead to.

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