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Inspiring Talent Through Events Karen Martin – RBS Group Graduate Resourcing Manager Placeholder for Speakers Photo.

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2 Inspiring Talent Through Events Karen Martin – RBS Group Graduate Resourcing Manager Placeholder for Speakers Photo

3 The Graduate Marketplace / context Where have we been? Credit crunch Private sector Public sector Current state? Lessons learnt Future state? University funding Public sector

4 Technology Globalisation Demographics / Diversity Societal Trends Degree classifications / UCAS points or equivalent Political landscape Key changes that impact how we recruit graduates?

5 Key Challenges we face recruiting graduates? Volumes – Cost / Time / Quality dilemma Competition Graduate perception Geographical Legislative Work experience

6 Why RBS? Weve redefined our business strategy Weve sharpened our client focus Were working to regain the confidence and trust of our shareholders. Looking to our future, graduates and interns will have a crucial role to play. We invest heavily in their development, providing them with the support and resources they need, so that they are ready to grasp and make the most of every opportunity that comes their way.

7 How we engage & inspire graduates …. Rebuild our brand/graduate offering Key focus on campus Target all years of study, postgraduates, second jobbers Focus on what we can offer – proposition Educational value Economic bulletins, demystifying financial services, book vouchers Targeted schools/course plan for each programme/business area Diversity events Senior business sponsorship University/alumni teams Guest lecture slots Hidden Careers in Banking Business games Skills sessions Integrated marketing campaign for GBM and Group across all regions/channels Global appeal Attraction

8 First year at University RBS have helped me with my course work Id like to apply for an RBS internship Educational value Demystifying Financial Services, Economist reports Rebuilding trust in RBS brand Guest lectures, skills sessions Drive traffic to web for economic info Academic influence P R O F I L E R A I S I N G R E L A T I O N S H I P B U I L D I N G Promote Easter Insight Programme Motivations Settling into university Thinking about future careers Help with course work

9 Second year at University Id like to do an RBS internship I never knew RBS offered so many opportunities Increased visibility on campus A W A R E N E S S R A I S I N G C A L L T O A C T I O N Apply for internship Promote internships Drive early applications Convert high calibre interns Course engagement – lectures, skills sessions, sponsorship Motivations Internships – work experience Researching employers Skills sessions Course work

10 Final year, Postgraduates, Second Jobbers, & Internal Applicants I really want a to join an RBS graduate programme C R E A T I N G D I A L O G U E Skills sessions, ongoing comms, pres/fairs Offer, acceptance and on-boarding Convert interns and keep warm/onboarding Increase personal interaction Targeted course communications on campus via university teams Apply Motivations Graduation Getting a job Paying off student loan Starting life

11 How we engage & inspire graduates …. Assessment centres Boot Camps Experiential – ie Trading Games Keep-warm events / conferences Keep warm activities / networking Selection On-boarding

12 How we engage & inspire graduates … Induction events Networking events Experiential events Development Centres Networking events Induction Development

13 Summary Class of 2010 faces an uphill struggle for jobs Britain has plummeted in an international league table of the most educated nations. Requirement for Graduates to be increasingly mobile – talent is scarce and they will be required by organisations to be flexible and mobile Increased us of technology in all aspects of Graduate Recruitment and Development Competition is fierce for Graduate talent Events continue to play a key part of Graduate Recruitment Requirement for life long learning – the pace of change will require everyone within the workforce to continue to develop and improve

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