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Unit Three: Deaf Community!

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1 Unit Three: Deaf Community!
Let’s learn about the history of the Deaf!

2 Remember these important facts:
American Sign Language is most similar to French Sign Language, as we all learned. Deaf people prefer to be called “Deaf” not hearing impaired or any other word. The best and most effective way to communicate with a Deaf person is to use sign language (ASL) or an interpreter. If you don’t know ASL, use fingerspelling. It should only be used as a back up to ASL.

3 Laurent Clerc A founder of the education for the Deaf in United States
A mentor and a teacher. He came from France (born there) Founded American School for the Deaf with someone else, guess who?

4 About Laurent Clerc He was believed to became Deaf due to the accident with the fireplace. He fell from the chair into the fireplace, suffered a head injury and a permanent scar on his right face, hence the name sign (show the class) He also lost his ability to smell as well. Attended the Institute of the Deaf and Mutes in France under the guidance of Abbe’ Charles-Michel de I’eppe

5 Thomas H. Gallaudet NOT the founder of Gallaudet. A hearing teacher
He looked for a language. He traveled with Alice Cogswell. Laurent Clerc met this man in London in 1816. Together, they traveled back to America.

6 After Gallaudet and Clerc’s first meeting:
1817: Founded the Connecticut Asylum for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb Later, it is changed to American School for the Deaf. The school opened on April 15, 1817. Clerc brought French Sign Language with him to America.

7 Questions for you to answer:
1. Who was Thomas H. Gallaudet? 2. How did Thomas realize that Alice is Deaf? 3. Which country did Thomas visited first? 4. Why didn’t Thomas liked the school for the Deaf in England? 5. Who did Thomas met in France? 6. Who was Laurent Clerc? 7. What is the name of the school that Thomas and Clerc establish? 8. What year and where was the school founded?

8 Fast Forward to years and years later…

9 Edward Miner Gallaudet
Founder of Gallaudet University. Son of Thomas H. Gallaudet Had a job in Connecticut, but quit and became the president at Columbia Institution (later became Gallaudet University) for 46 years.

10 Abraham Lincoln 16th president of the United States
VERY supportive of the education for the Deaf 1864: Signed a charter to start the first college for the Deaf in the world. It was first named National Deaf-Mute College, before name changes all over the years to Gallaudet University.

11 The Lincoln Memorial Statue Story!
Many people believe that Abraham Lincoln actually had the letters “A” and “L” fingerspelled while taking the picture. What do you think?

12 Questions for you to answer:
1. Who was Abraham Lincoln? 2. What did Lincoln do in 1864? 3. Who was Edward Miner Gallaudet? 4. What is the name of university that E.M. Gallaudet founded? 5. 6. 7. 8.

13 Entering the Dark times of the Deaf community….

14 Alexander Graham Bell (AGB)
Creator of the first-ever telephone Started a school in Boston to train the teachers of the Deaf how to use oral method. He tried to destroy the lives of Deaf people. Established what is now called “AGB” Association for the Deaf in 1890.

15 Alexander Graham Bell said this….
“Deaf people SHOULDN’T MARRY other deaf people because it will MESS UP THEIR GENES!” What do you think?

16 Questions for you to answer:
1. Who was Alexander Graham Bell (AGB?) 2. Why didn’t AGB want Deaf people to marry each other? 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

17 The Milan Convention (1880)
The conference that changed everything. The International Congress on the Education for the Deaf met in Milan, Italy to discuss issues related to education for the Deaf. However, after the conference…….

18 The Milan Convention Aftermath:
NO signing allowed in schools ANYWHERE! Deaf teachers LOST their jobs National Association of the Deaf gained more supporters as Deaf community fought to save sign language and the culture. The president of Gallaudet College decided to keep sign language in Gallaudet campus, and it may be the reason why sign language survived the worst moment.

19 Very important information!
ASL and the culture are passed on from generation to generation through residential schools and Deaf adults. Deaf people keep each other informed through social events and activities such as Deaf clubs, churches, picnics and sports games. Name signs are only earned by a Deaf person.

20 Questions for you to answer:
1. What was the reason for the 1880 Milan convention? 2. What happened after the Milan Convention? 3. What do “NAD” stand for? 4. How do Deaf people keep each other informed? 5. How is ASL and Deaf culture passed on through? 6. Who can only give you name signs? 7. 8.

21 To be continued………….

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