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American Sign Language

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1 American Sign Language
The history and uses of American Sign Language LRC320 Lesson Plan

2 The History Even before an official language was developed those who were deaf or hard-of-hearing used their own gestures to communicate The first free school for the deaf was created in France in 1775 Abbe (the head of an abbey) Charles Michel de L'Epee of Paris, France founded the school for the deaf in France He was able to teach deaf children ways to communicate together using gestures, and fingerspelling (spelling words using the sigh language alphabet)

3 Sign Language in America
Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet became interested in helping the Deaf in America after meeting his neighbors young deaf daughter He went to Europe to learn more to study approaches of communication for the deaf In England he met Abbe Roche Ambroise Sicard, who he began to study with to learn sign language in France Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

4 Thomas Hopkins Galluadet went to America bringing with him Larent Clerc, a deaf sign language teacher from the school in France. Together they worked together to develop America Sign Language and founded the first school for deaf, Gallaudet University Today Gallaudet University is still open and accepting students and many more school for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing

5 How could you use sign language?
Who uses sign language? Most often people who are Deaf or the family members of Deaf use sign language Deaf: Someone who cannot hear Not all Deaf people hear the same; Some can hear very loud noises while some cannot hear at all The hard-of-hearing also use sign language Hard-of-hearing: limited ability to hear, but not completely deaf Baby Sign Language: Some parents also teach their babies to sign to help understand what they need How could you use sign language?

6 Quiz Time! Where was the first school for the Deaf created?
2. What is the name of the university in America for Deaf students? 3. Who often uses ASL?

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