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Hotel Management System SARA Infotech (P) Ltd. Bombay, India.

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1 Hotel Management System SARA Infotech (P) Ltd. Bombay, India.

2 Modules  Guest Reservation and Registration  Guest Care  Facilities Management and Scheduling  Guest Record History  Guest Billing  Kitchen and Restaurant Management  Finance and Administration  Purchase Management  Payroll  Human Resources Management

3 Guest- Registration  Reservation of a Room and Bed  Check in of Guest/Group of Guests  Assignment of Room and Bed  Transfer of Guest from one room and  bed to another room and bed  Pending Check outs  Check outs of a Guest  De Reservation of Room and Bed  Cleaning of Room and Bed  Transfer of Guest Profile to Guest  history Competitive Analysis, Cont.

4 Guest Care  Services to be provided to a guest  Special care required/provided  Services provided to a guest

5 Facilities Management and Scheduling  Facilities required for a date and time(Banquet room,Conference room etc.)  Availability of facilities

6 Guest Record History  Maintain detail Guest database  Assign history id to a Guest  Maintain l history of each guest, for each visit

7 Guest Billing  Define rates of Room,Bed, services provided to the guest  Automatic Billing for various services, provided to the guest

8 Kitchen Management  Define various types of meals  Calculation of various type of meal to be prepared  Define bill of material for each type of meal.  Procure various eatable items  Maintaining stock of different eatables  Supply meal as per the requirement of guest

9 Finance and Administration  Account codes & account groupings  Details of Banks of the company  Purchase bills  Sales invoices  Receipts from customers  Payments to suppliers  Journal vouchers  Bank to Bank transactions or Bank to Cash transactions  View / print payments to be made  Approve payments

10 Finance and Administration (Cont.)  Print payment vouchers  Print cheques  Hole payment for an invoice or for vendor  Compare budgeted expenditure with actual expenses  TDS rates for various types of bills  Debit & credit notes  Post transactions to General Ledger  Perform period end, monthly and yearly processing

11 Finance and Administration (Cont.)  Display / print customers outstanding  Display / print vendors outstanding  Print day books  Print General Ledger  Print trial balance  Consolidate account of various division

12 Purchase Management  Maintain vendor details  Purchase agreements with vendors  Payment terms for vendors  % tolerance for short/excess supply  Purchase requisitions  Check requisition against budget  Approve purchase requisition  Reject purchase requisition  Maintain price list of vendors  Create & maintain purchase orders

13 Purchase Management (Cont.)  Record vendor’s acceptance for purchase orders  Hold purchase orders  Amendment of purchase orders  Cancel purchase orders  Close purchase orders  Receipt of goods  Inspection of goods  Return sub-quality goods  Reject goods  On-line review of Vendor details /  status of requisition / purchase order.  Print various reports

14 Payroll  Employee Data Maintenance  Monthly Pay slip Generation  Attendance & leave Management  Overtime  Income - Tax  Bonus  Superannuation  Gratuity  Loan Administration  Provident Fund

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