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Harry S. Truman Student 3 8017-16 Mr. Szaro President Power-Point Project.

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2 Harry S. Truman Student 3 8017-16 Mr. Szaro President Power-Point Project

3 Introduction Harry S. Truman. 33rd President Best known for bringing us out of World War II He has a slow heartbeat Went to Independence High School. Age of 5 his mom taught him at home He also was in the National Guard.

4 Overview of Early Life Born on May 8, 1884 in Lamar, Missouri. Grew up in Independence Missouri. John Anderson Truman – Father. Martha Ellen Young Truman - Mother. Mary Jane Truman – Sister. Vivian Truman – Brother. His family lived on a farm until 1887. 1887-1890 he lived in Grandview. Settled in Independence in 1890 He broke his collar bone.

5 Overview of Family Life Lived in Independence with a family of his own. June 28, 1919 - married Elizabeth Virginia Wallace. Margret ‘Mary’ Truman – Only Child.

6 Overview of Education & Career Age of 5 Harry was taught at home by his mother. He went to Nolaha and Colombia grade schools and Independence High School. Went to Kansas City Law School from 1923-1925. He worked in Kansas City banks. He was a business man and a public official. He was also a farmer for 10 years. He was in the National Guard. He was in the Senate for 3 years.

7 Important Events & Issues When Growing up Growing up, States were still being admitted to the Union. Growing up the Spanish – American War took place. He went overseas in the National Guard during WWI. Growing up, an important President was Theodore Roosevelt.

8 Overview of Presidency Became President on April 12, 1945 when Franklin Roosevelt died. Before that he was Vice President. He decided to run again. He won and was President until January 20, 1953. VP was Alben Barkley. Political Party - Democrat. WWII was going on. Dropped A-bomb on Japan to end the war. Originally didn’t want to be President. He was called ‘The Man of the People’ because he gave them what they wanted.

9 Major Presidential Accomplishments On May 8, 1945 he announced the surrender of Germany. Ending WWII helped the country. Many scholarships and awards were named after him On October 23, 1946 he addressed the opening of the United Nations. Established North Atlantic Treaty August 24, 1949. He wrote two books about his Presidency.

10 Overview of Later Life  He had a library built  Lived in Independence, Missouri.  Dwight Eisenhower was the next President after him.  The Korean War ended after he left office.  He died on December 26, 1972.

11 Conclusion Ended WWII Established the North Atlantic Treaty Both benefited our country. I really enjoyed learning about Harry Truman. He was a very smart guy One of the best Presidents we had. If I could I would ask him questions: What was it like being President? What was the best part? If you could do it all over again, would you?

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