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Modine 93% Separated Combustion Condensing Unit Modine’s Breakthrough Solution to Commercial Heating.

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1 Modine 93% Separated Combustion Condensing Unit Modine’s Breakthrough Solution to Commercial Heating

2 The Next Leap Forward  Question: What is Modine’s breakthrough solution to the issues of commercial heating?  Answer: Modine’s NEW Effinity 93 with Conservicore™ Technology – PTC-Series 93% Thermal Efficient Condensing Gas-Fired Unit Heater Timing  Literature & Pricing Currently Available  Full Production September 2009

3 Effinity 93 Design Features Unit Components Bent Tube Primary Heat Exchanger AL29-4C Stainless Steel Round Tube Plate Fin Secondary Heat Exchanger Gas Manifold, Orifices & Burners Propeller Fan & Motor Power Exhauster Fresh Combustion Air Intake Flue Gas Exhaust Condensate Drain

4 The Heart and Soul…  Secondary Heat Exchanger Made With AL29-4C Stainless Steel Material  Most Robust Material Available to Withstand Acidic Condensate Condensate Production  Approx. 1+ Gallons/hr for Small Units  Approx. 2+ Gallons/hr for Large Units  Slightly Acidic – Like Soda (Pop)  Need to Drain Both Unit & Vent System Effinity 93 Design Features

5  Separated Combustion –Protects Heat Exchangers & Components from High Humidity & Chemical Corrosives –Reduces Greenhouse Heat Loss by 2%  Propeller Fans  PVC Power Exhauster Wheel & Vent Pipe –Flue Temperatures Only Around 125º F  Factory Installed External Junction Box Standard –Disconnect Switch –Convenience Outlet –Terminal Board –Indicator Lights

6 PTC-Series Condensing Unit Heaters PTC Outputs Closely Match Outputs of Standard Efficiency Units for Ease of Comparison When Sizing & Selecting New Construction, Expansion or Replacement Jobs PTC135 output equates to 80% 150MBH output PTC155 output equates to 80% 175MBH output PTC180 output equates to 80% 200MBH output PTC215 output equates to 80% 250MBH output PTC260 output equates to 80% 300MBH output PTC310 output equates to 80% 350MBH output

7 Effinity 93 Application Flexibility Options & Accessories  Stainless Steel Primary Heat Exchangers –Recommended for Greenhouse Applications Due to Humidity  Finger-Proof (OSHA) Fan Guards  Step-Down Transformers  Concentric Vent Kits  Condensate Pumps & Neutralizer Kits  2-Point Suspension Kits  Deflector Hoods & Vertical Deflector Blades  Thermostats  Energy Saver Kit –Ceiling T-Stat Energizes Fan Without Burner as Ceiling Temps Rises

8 Effinity 93 Benefits What This Means to the Building OwnerGrower  17% Fuel Savings Over Standard Power Vented & Separated Combustion Units  40% Fuel Savings Over Natural Draft Gravity Vented Units!!!  May Qualify for Local Rebate & Tax Incentive Programs  Separated Combustion Advantages –Reduced Air Changes & Heating Loads –Longer Lasting Heat Exchangers, Burners & Controls  PVC Vent Pipe & Power Exhauster Wheels –Lower Installed Costs & Replacement Costs vs. Metal  All Other Advantages of Gas-Fired Unit Heaters Apply –Warm Air Circulation, Vented Flue Products, Redundancy, Heat De-Stratification, Zone Control, Low Installed Costs, etc.  Direct-Fired Efficiencies Without Direct-Fired Disadvantages –Water Vapor, Ethylene, Required Air Changes  Boiler Efficiencies Without Boiler System Disadvantages –High Up-Front Costs, Mechanical Rooms, Piping System Complexity, No Redundancy, Lower Water Temperatures

9 Effinity 93 Fuel Savings & Payback Calculator

10 State & Local Efficiency Incentives  Renewables & Efficiency Incentive Programs  Searches by State, Program Type, Technology Type, etc. –Helps Offset Costs to Upgrade to High Efficiency Equipment –Significantly Reduces Payback Period –May Find Incentives for Other Efficiency Upgrades Such as Thermal Blankets, Caulking & Insulation, High Efficiency Motors, Lighting, etc.

11 For More Information…\Building HVAC\Greenhouse Heating Solutions


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