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Engineered Products Make-Up Air for Heating and Cooling.

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1 Engineered Products Make-Up Air for Heating and Cooling

2 MAKE-UP AIR Why do we need make up air?




6 Key Audience Many Restaurants, Apartment Complexes and Factory Upgrades are done through Design Build Projects – Owner and installing contract size the equipment themselves without the use of an engineer Schools, Government Buildings, Concert Halls and New Factories are done through Plan & Spec Projects – Engineers are typically used to layout equipment sizes

7 HOW CAN TRANE HELP?? Trane Offers a Complete Line of Outdoor and Indoor HVAC Equipment to Satisfy Your Make-Up Air Needs.

8 Outdoor Units Unit Types Model “GR” Option “G”– Gravity Vented Outdoor Model “GR” Option “P”– Power Vented Outdoor

9 Indoor Units Unit Types Model “GG” – Power Vented Indoor

10 Indoor Units Unit Types Model “GX” – Separated Combustion Indoor

11 Indoor/Outdoor Units Unit Types Model “AH” Air Handler

12 Arrangements Consists of Individual Pre-Engineered Modules Arranged to Address Your Individual Applications

13 Furnace Construction Material Stainless Steel Packages: Provides a Total Package Protection by Including 409 SS Burners and Flue Collector Duct Furnace Heat Exchangers are Available in 3 Types of Steel Aluminized Steel 409 Stainless Steel 321 Stainless Steel

14 GAS CONTROL A Full Range of Gas Controls, Including: Single Stage Two Stage Electronic Modulation – Room Sensing – Duct Sensing (W/, W/O Rm. O/R) – Others, Including 4-20 mA & 0-10 VDC Controls and Multi-Furnace Staging

15 Coil Options Factory Installed Coils – Direct Expansion (DX) – Chilled Water – Steam – Hot water Draw Through Design Maximizes Coil Efficiencies Full Size ASHRAE 62 Compliant Drain Pan 4 Row & 6 Row, Single or Dual Circuit Cooling Coil 1,000-6,300 CFM Range* 3-30 Tons, But There is Flexibility. When in Doubt, Call!

16 Indoor/Outdoor Units Unit Types Evaporative Cooler Section

17 ETL Certified 18 Gauge Cabinets Painted Trane Grey 20 Gauge Aluminized Steel Heat Exchangers Single Stage Redundant Gas Valve Low internal static pressures allow for smaller motor break horse power requirements Features and Benefits

18 Standard Left Hand Access, Right Hand Optional Multiple Gas and Air Control Options 1” Matte Face Insulation

19 Features and Benefits Ship Loose Parts List

20 Features and Benefits

21 Motor Types Open Drip Proof (ODP) Premium Efficiency (PEODP) Totally Enclosed (TE) Premium Efficiency (PETE)

22 Air Inlet Configuration Indicates – Use of Outside and / or Return Air – Use of an Air Hood (Shipped Separately)

23 Factory Installed Options Low Leak Damper 409 SS Furnace Drip Pan High Altitude Derate Input Derate Evaporative Cooler – 12” CELdek® Media – 8” & 12“ GLASdek ® Media Clogged Filter Switch Manual Blower Switch Firestat (Supply and / or Return) Freezestat (Time Delayed) Ambient Lockout Interlock Relays (Specify Purpose) Moisture Eliminators Horizontal Return Status Lamps Double Wall Construction Service Convenience Package High / Low Gas Pressure Switch Filters (TA, WA & Pleated) Through the Base Utility Penetrations

24 Field Installed Accessories High Pressure Regulators Time Clocks GFI Convenience Outlet Thermostats DuctStats Disconnect Switches Evaporative Cooler – Fill & Drain Kit – Freezestat Remote Control Panel

25 Competitive Product Modine Make Up Air DFP/DBP/DCP – Indoor Unit DFS/DBS – Indoor Separated Combustion Unit – DCS w/ Cooling WeatherHawk Series – HFG, HFP, HBG, HDG, HPG

26 Competitive Product Modine Make Up Air All Model Types Start @ 75 MBH and Go to 1,200 MBH – HFG/P 75-400 CFM Range 550 – 14,800 Temperature Rise – 20 – 120 F. 80% Thermal Efficiency Maximum External Static Pressure 3” W.C. Available w/ DX or Chilled Water Options – CFM Range 762 – 5,200 – Available on Sizes 75-400

27 Competitive Product Modine Make Up Air ETL Certified On Entire Unit 18 Gauge Aluminized Blower Cabinet 20 Gauge Clamshell Heat Exchanger – 409 SS Optional Double Wall Construction on Blower and/or Cooling Cabinet (Option) Full Range of Air & Gas Controls Available – Equal to Trane Offering Baked-on Polyester Powder Paint

28 Competitive Product Reznor Make-Up Air RPB(L)/RDH Outdoor Power Vented M/U Air Unit – Gravity Vented Unit (RGB) No Longer Available RPB(L)/HRP/RPV/HRPV PDH/PGBL – Indoor M/U Air SDH/SSCBL – Indoor Separated Combustion M/U Air “L” = Long (400 – 1200 MBH)

29 Competitive Product Reznor Make-Up Air Size Ranges From 75 MBH – 1200 MBH CFM Range 475-14,000 Outdoor Units CFM Range 560 – 139,000 Indoor Units Temperature Rise 40-120 F. 80% Thermal Efficient – “PreevA” Products (PDH & SDH) Minimum 81% All Products Power Vented as Standard

30 Competitive Product Reznor Make-Up Air ETL Certified On Entire Unit Aluminized Heat Exchangers as Standard – 409 S/S Available – Heat Exchangers, Burners, Drip Pan – 316 S/S Available Heat Exchanger Only Double wall Pre-coat RAL 9001 white paint finish Wide Range of Control Options – Mechanical Modulation Available – Electronic Modulation Available Down to 20%-100% Turndown

31 What Next? These are the project we are working on in the immediate future. – We have many more projects planned for when these are completed.

32 Variable Frequency Drive SM Vector Line NEMA 1 Enclosures Plenum Rated Operating Range 14 o F Minimum 130 o F Maximum Two Year Warranty

33 Seismic and Vibration Isolation Curbs

34 Energy Recovery Module

35 X1 – 90 + % Efficient Rooftop Unit

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