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Modine Greenhouse Heating Modine’s Breakthrough Greenhouse Heating Solution.

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1 Modine Greenhouse Heating Modine’s Breakthrough Greenhouse Heating Solution

2 Greenhouse Heating Applications  Greenhouse Heating Costs are a Key Issue to Growers –2 nd highest cost after labor –A matter of survival in lean years  Greenhouse Heating is Both a Comfort & Process Issue –Occupant health & comfort –Crop health and yield  Greenhouse Environments Present Challenges –“Tight” Construction - Traps humidity & chemicals inside Humidity –Molds and Fungus –Equipment Corrosion Chemical Vapors –Forms acids when combined with moisture & heat

3 Gas-Fired Unit Heaters Why Gas-Fired Unit Heaters Make Sense  Warm, Forced-Air Heat is Healthy For Plants –Uniform heat = Uniform growth –Absorbs moisture and mitigates mold & fungus –Helps plants absorb CO 2 more efficiently  Vented Furnaces Remove Harmful Flue Products –Water vapor –Ethylene, harmful to many plants –Carbon monoxide, causes discomfort, sickness or death for occupants  Individually Piped, Wired & Vented for Redundancy –If one unit fails, the others work overtime –Less risk of no-heat situations

4 Gas-Fired Unit Heaters Why Gas-Fired Unit Heaters Make “Cents”  Zone Control –Units only run where heat is needed “Off” is the highest efficiency  Re-Cycles Heat Stratifying at the Ceiling –Heat from solar radiation  Quick Reaction from Night Setback Temps –Boiler systems require longer “warm-ups”  Low Installed Cost –Comparatively low equipment cost No mechanical rooms, pumps, valves, etc.

5 Modine Has Supported the Horticultural Industry for Decades  Industry Associations – NGMA since 60’s – NAHSA since Inception – OFA

6 Modine Has Supported the Horticultural Industry for Decades  Historically Designed Solutions to Meet Growers’ Changing Needs Gravity Vented GFUH - Provide low cost reliable heat; 1960s – 1990s 65% efficient however Power Vented GFUH - Provide more reliable installations as houses became “tighter” with more efficient coverings; 1980s – 2000s 78% efficiency Separated Combustion GFUH - Provide longer life expectancies in tighter houses that also had more chemical usages; 1980s – today 80% efficiency - 93% efficient, separated combustion, condensing GFUH; provides highest efficiency and longevity

7 The Next Leap Forward Modine’s NEW Effinity 93 – 93% efficient separated combustion condensing unit heater with our exclusive Conservicore ™ technology

8 The Heart and Soul…  Secondary heat exchanger made of AL29-4C stainless steel –Robust material designed specifically to withstand acidic condensate (PH 4)  Lowers the flue temperatures from 350-400 degrees F to 110-120 degrees F Condensate Production –Approx. 1+ gallons/hr for small units –Approx. 2+ gallons/hr for large units –Need to drain both unit & vent system Effinity 93 Design Features AL29-4C Secondary Heat Exchanger

9 Additional Effinity 93 Design Features  Contractor Convenience Package –Easier installation & troubleshooting –Standard on all Effinity units  Includes: –Service outlet for condensate pump, utility light or cleaning –Disconnect switch –External thermostat terminal board –Operational status lights: Power-to-the-unit Call-for-heat Burner operation

10 Effinity 93 Sizes outputs closely match btu outputs of standard efficiency units PTC135 output > 80% 150MBH unit PTC155 output > 80% 175MBH unit PTC180 output > 80% 200MBH unit PTC215 output > 80% 250MBH unit PTC260 output > 80% 300MBH unit PTC310 output > 80% 350MBH unit

11 Effinity 93 Benefits What this means for the grower  19% Fuel Savings Over 80% Efficient Power Vented Units  43% Fuel Savings Over Natural Draft Gravity Vented Units!!! –65% Seasonal Efficiency Due to Open Vent Heat Losses  May qualify for local utility rebates & tax incentive programs  Improved standing with Big Box customers  Separated combustion advantages –Provides sufficient air to unit for combustion –Longer lasting heat exchangers, burners & controls –Day-to-day operation enhanced with controls with in casing

12 Effinity 93 Benefits Comparatively What This Means to the Grower  All advantages of GFUH apply –Warm air circulation, vented flue products, redundancy, heat de-stratification, low installed costs, etc.  Direct-fired efficiencies without direct-fired disadvantages –Water vapor, ethylene, carbon monoxide, required air changes  Boiler efficiencies without boiler system disadvantages –High up-front costs, mechanical rooms, piping system complexity, no redundancy, lower water temperatures, fuel storage (biomass)

13 Effinity 93 Application Flexibility Recommended Options & Accessories  Stainless Steel Primary Heat Exchangers –Recommended for high humidity applications –Provides 10 yr heat exchanger warranty  Finger-Proof (OSHA) Fan Guards  Condensate Pumps & Neutralizer Kits  2-Point Suspension Kits  Energy Saver Kit –Ceiling T-Stat Energizes Fan Without Burner as Ceiling Temps Rises

14 Effinity 93 Field Test Milaeger’s Test Unit PTC135 Unit Fresh Combustion Air Intake Flue Gas Exhaust Condensate Drain

15 Effinity 93 Fuel Savings & Payback Calculator

16  Efficiency Incentive Programs –Significantly reduces payback period –May find incentives for other efficiency upgrades like thermal blankets, caulking & insulation, high efficiency motors, lighting, etc. Searches by State, Program Type, Technology Type, etc.  USDA Grant Programs 2 yr investment grants for small business from USDA Ranges from 25 to 50% of the investment Viability in Holland MI has expertise to assist in the grant writing  Equipment Leasing Pinnacle Leasing focused on Horticultural Industry 3 yr lease payments can be less than the savings gained from installing the Effinity 93 State & Local Efficiency Incentives

17 For More Information…

18 Saving More Money equates to Making More Money with Modine We appreciate your business and we continue in the goal of earning your respect. Thank You Make More Money with Modine

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