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Coaches’ & Players’ Rules Introduction Based on the IKF Rules July 2012 Written by Sam Billington.

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1 Coaches’ & Players’ Rules Introduction Based on the IKF Rules July 2012 Written by Sam Billington

2 Course Aim To provide a basic understanding of the rules of Korfball to assist: – Players – Coaches – Those wishing to start Refereeing This covers only the basic rules, ie those most commonly broken and not all the detailed rules! This is not the Referee Course!

3 Course Content To cover the basic rules covering: – Conduct of the Game – Restarting the Game Throw off / Restart, Throw up, Penalty, Free Passes – Infringements

4 Conduct of the Game Team Composition 2.1.b – 8 players, 2 male & 2 female in each zone – No zone has less than 3 players – Zones must be balanced. Substitutions 2.1.c – 4 subs per team (more with referee’s permission) – Players sent off can be substituted – Substituted player cannot return to the match

5 Conduct of the Game Timings 3.1.b, 3.1.c & League Rule – 2 x 30 min halves with 5 min interval – Excludes Timeouts and Substitutions Timeouts 3.1.c & League Rule – 60 sec duration number determined by League This is a 45 sec pause then 15 sec warning before restarting the game. – Can only happen when the game has stopped. Ie when the game would commence with a Restart or Throw

6 Restarting the Game Throwoff 3.5. – Start of the match – Start of the second half – After a goal has been scored Restart 3.9.a – After a light infringement

7 Restarting the Game Throw off, Outball & Restart 3.9.c < 4 sec ✔ > 2.5 m ✔ ✗ ✗

8 Restarting the Game Free Pass 3.10. – Heavy infringement by a Defender – Usually for “disrupting the Attack” – Defender violating the conditions for a Restart 3.6.v.

9 Restarting the Game Free Pass 3.9.c < 4 sec ✔ > 2.5 m ✔ ✗ ✗ > 1.0 m ✔ ✗ > 2.5 m ✔ ✔

10 Restarting the Game Penalty 3.11. – Infringement by a Defender resulting in the loss of a scoring chance by an Attacker. – Infringement by an Attacker resulting in the loss of a scoring chance by an Attacker in the other division. 3.6. – Repeated violations. – On the second time any Defender violates the Free Pass circle at the same Free Pass.

11 Restarting the Game Penalty 3.11 > 2.5 m ✔ ✔ ✔ No time limit ✔ > 2.5 m

12 Restarting the Game Referee Throwup 3.8. – When two opponents seize the ball at the same time. – After an interruption in play where no side has the right to have possession of the ball.

13 Restarting the Game Throwup 3.8 > 2.5 m ✔

14 Infringements 3.6. Touch the ball with leg 3.6.a. – From the knee down. – att. = Restart. def. = Restart / Free pass Play the ball with the fist 3.6.b. – When played with a clenched fist. – att. = Restart. def. = Free pass To take hold, catch or tap the ball when touching the ground other than with the feet 3.6.c. – When takes control / taps of the ball whilst player is in contact with the ground other than the feet. – att. = Restart. def. = Restart

15 Infringements 3.6. To run with the ball 3.6.d. – att. = Restart. def. = Restart Player stationary when catching the ball? Yes No Player is stationary and then moves? Player stops in shortest distance possible? Yes No ✔ ✗ Player shot? NoYes No ✗ Player released ball before placing foot on the ground for the 3 rd time? No ✔ ✗ Yes

16 Infringements 3.6. Solo Play 3.6.e. – Deliberate avoidance of cooperation. – att. = Restart. def. = Restart Handing the ball to another player 3.6.f. – Ball must travel out of control through the air. – att. = Restart. def. = Restart Delay the game 3.6.g. – Requirement for constant attack. – att. = Restart. def. = Restart

17 Infringements 3.6. Hindering excessively / double / opposite sex 3.6.j & k & l – att. = Restart. def. = Restart / Free pass ✔ ✗ ✗ ✔ Opposite sexes > 2 arms lengths

18 Infringements 3.6. To run the ball out of an opponents hand 3.6.h – One or two handed control. – att. = Restart. def. = Restart / Free pass ✗ ✗

19 Infringements 3.6. To push / cling to / hold off an opponent 3.6.i. – Impediment of free movement eg. Spreading out of arms and legs Landing on a player Running down a player – A stationary player does not have to give way. – att. = Restart. def. = Restart / Free pass

20 Infringements 3.6. To play outside one’s zone 3.6.i – Player must not have touched the line or a surface outside the zone before releasing the ball. – Can jump from own zone and release ball before landing outside own zone. – att. = Restart. def. = Restart ✗ ✔ ✔

21 Infringements 3.6. An Out ball 3.7 – When the ball touches: An object or player grounded outside the field of play Boundary line The ceiling or object above the field of play – att. = Outball. def. = Outball ✗ ✔ ✗

22 Infringements 3.6. To shoot from a defended position 3.6.n. – The Defender shall be: Actively be defending the ball. Be within an arms length of the attacker. Have his face turned towards the attacker. Be closer to the post. – att. = Restart

23 Infringements 3.6. To play in a dangerous manner 3.6.u. – To force your opponent to collide at speed with another player. – If the Defender is not aware of the impending collision then the Attacker is penalised. (eg outfield players in a 2-2 situation.) – If the Defender is aware and has time to act then the Defender is penalised. – att. = Restart def. = Restart / Freepass

24 Infringements 3.6. To shoot after cutting past another Attacker. 3.6.o. – Defender is in a defending / hindering position – Defender cannot follow his Attacker as the Attacker passes too close to another Attacker – The Defender collides with or is likely to collide with this second Attacker – Defender has to give up his defending / hindering position – Attacker shoots directly or from a return pass – att. = Restart

25 Infringements 3.6. Left hand diagram shows the start position as the Feed position. The Attacker takes a shot in each case. Middle diagram the Defender gives up position so cannot be cutting. Right hand diagram Defender is forced to give up position so is cutting. ✔ ✗

26 Infringements 3.6. To take hold of the post in order to gain an advantage. 3.6.s. – To gain extra height when jumping. – To change direction quicker. – To accelerate away from the post quicker. – att. = Restart. def. = Freepass

27 Infringements 3.6. To influence a shot by moving the posts. 3.6.r. – By a Player if goal is scored or if ball contacts the post and returns to the Player’s team control = Restart. – By a Defender if by moving the post a goal was not scored. = Penalty – att. = Restart. def. = Restart / Penalty

28 Infringements 3.6. To shoot when without an opponent. 3.6.q. – When there are 4 Attackers and 3 Defenders. – Coach states which player will not shoot. – Non shooter can only be changed after a stoppage in play and the Referee informed. – att. = Restart. To score from the Defending Zone. 3.6.p. – att. = Restart (from under the Korf)

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