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8 Travel arrangements for all teams will be made by NAVC Travel Coordinator You can go to Travel Information on our website Tournament & Travel InformationTournament & Travel Information Travel to and from the tournament is responsibility of parent (exception is teams that fly to tournament-NAVC will make those arrangements as well as ground transportation). Many teams utilize a “car pool” system to tournaments as there will be times parents are not able to attend. All teams/players with the exception of 13 & U teams will stay in team rooms at hotel. NAVC will book a “block” of rooms (all dbl/dbl beds) for players and one room (dbl/dbl) for each family on the team (example a team with 12 players will have in their block of rooms 3 team rooms and 12 “parent rooms”) NAVC will provide a list of hotels that have been booked with information on how to book your room for each travel tournament. There are deadlines that MUST be met for the parents to book their rooms within the block of rooms. Parents rooms will be booked with your personal credit card. NAVC player and coaches rooms are booked with the NAVC credit card and paid for by NAVC (only tax and room, no incidentals).

9 The cost of the rooms are included in the Player Fee (exception is 13 & U teams staying with parents, hotel is not included in Player Fee). Coaches will be housed at the same hotel as team and will conduct “bed checks” (female coaches ONLY for girls & male coaches ONLY for boys teams). NAVC does not have a policy on players arriving for team event on night prior to beginning of tournament. We understand that our coaches and parents of players may not be able to leave their job to leave by a certain time that allows arrival to hotel for event. This is left up to the Head Coach and Team Parent. NAVC does have a policy that all players need to be at the hotel the night prior to the tournament, even if you have afternoon wave play on Saturday. At certain tournaments (Disney Showcase, AAU Nationals) when the hotel is driving distance from the tournament facility, NAVC will provide a 15 passenger van to be driven by the Head Coach of the team.

10 Flights for tournaments will be arranged by NAVC. Teams will travel together with coaches. Players will be required to be uniform in their dress, all players wearing the NAVC warm up jacket or a NAVC shirt, NAVC hooded sweatshirt. Players can wear either jeans or warm up pants. You are representing NAVC, your team and the volleyball community in Atlanta area. Please make sure to review NAVC Travel Policies. Tournament & Travel InformationTournament & Travel Information Food for travel tournaments is not included in the Player Fee. There will be tournaments at which a “food table” may be provided by the parents, however this is not the case at all tournaments. Dinners at tournaments will be “team events” and a great opportunity for team building. All parents & players & coaches will have “team dinners” on each night at the tournament. This event will be arranged by Food & Travel Coordinator for team. Players and parents need to understand that the overall purpose of each trip is to participate in a volleyball tournament. Team social activities, while not discouraged, will come second to tournament requirements. Coaches/Chaperones will ensure that players have the opportunity to receive at least eight hours of sleep per night and eat three meals a day. Any social plans will be made around each team’s playing schedule, sleeping and eating requirements.



13 Website Coaches News Letter Facebook Twitter NAVC Court Talk Calling Post Email

14 When: May 2 nd (Tentative) Time: 6:30 pm-9:00 pm Location: Key Note Speaker: Our End of the Year Event allows us to recognize players on each team with the Most Improved, Most Valuable Player and Coaches Award, our NAVC Seniors and our Coach of the Year for 13 & U and 14-18 age groups.









23 Tournament season begins mid January and continues through April for our Level 2, 3, 4 & Metro teams and through June for our 1’s teams. ALL players are expected to be at everyday of every tournament. We have posted schedules so you have plenty of time to arrange your calendar. NAVC is a member of the USAV and our region for USAV is SRVA (Southern Region Volleyball Association). This region includes GA, AL, TN. Tournament registration for our region sanctioned tournaments opens 12/1. We have published “TENTATIVE” tournament schedules, however these dates may be effected due to availability of spots at the tournaments.

24 NAVC will publish final tournament schedules as soon as the status for all tournaments request is final. Tournaments will be 3 day, 2 day or 1 day The January 19-21 st tournament is a 3 day tournament (Lil’ Big South) The February 16-18 th tournament is a 3 day tournament (1 st Lady) All National Qualifiers are 3 day tournaments (F, S, Sun or Sat, Sun, Mon) AAU Nationals and USAV Nationals are 4 day tournaments in June. Tournaments offer different levels of play at 12-18 age groups. Power at SRVA tournaments (National at NQ’s) o NAVC Level 1’s & 2’s teams will play at this level at SRVA events Club at SRVA tournaments (American at NQ’s) o NAVC Level 3’s, 4’s & Metro teams will play at this level at SRVA events We will determine level of team entry for NAVC teams at NQ’s by end of Feb

25 Tournament Scheduling and Information The majority of tournaments do not release their schedule until the Wednesday prior to the tournament. When you receive your final tournament schedule (also posted on our website) we will let you know where you can find information AES (Advanced Event Systems) SRVA There are situations when tournament locations, scheduling etc. may change There are tournaments where food tables, chairs, coolers are not allowed into facility, this will be posted on the website of the tournament host.

26 Days of Tournaments 1 day tournaments (5-6 matches during day) Morning will be Pool Play/Cross over matches Afternoon will be reseeding pool play, playoffs and championships May require travel after morning play to different facility for afternoon play. 2 day tournaments (5-6 matches over 2 days) Day 1 is Pool Play (usually broken up in morning or afternoon waves) If you play in the afternoon (3-4 matches) you will have morning off. Day 2 is Playoffs/Championship brackets, usually with a winner and loser bracket so each team get at minimum 2 matches. 3 day tournaments (6-12 matches over 3 days) MUST arrive Thursday night because Pool Play begins on Friday Day 1 Pool Play Day 2 Pool Play/Crossover Matches Day 3 Playoffs/Championship brackets

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