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Silas Marner by George Eliot

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1 Silas Marner by George Eliot

2 I. Introduction George Eliot 1. her life 2. her marriage
3. her philosophy B. Silas as Parable:

3 II. The Themes Psychological 1. importance of the soul
2. search for identity 3. importance of love

4 II. The themes--Psychological
importance of love Importance of work

5 II. The Themes Social Love of others vs love of money
Marxist – what does the book say about money and power, who has it, who doesn’t, and why

6 The themes Archetypal / Universal – the religious and moral theme
1. Karma – morality and natural consequences 2. Nature 3. Religion (true religion vs false religion)

7 III. The Setting Lantern Yard Raveloe Squire Cass’ House The tavern
Silas’ cottage

8 IV. The Characters—men’s moral trilogy
A. Silas Marner B. Godfrey C. Dunsey

9 IV. The Characters—women’s moral trilogy
D. Eppie E. Molly F. Dolly Winthrop

10 V. Symbolism The loom / weaving Nature (and natural stuff
[insects, flora, etc) c. Gold (money and Eppie)

11 V. Symbolism Horses The hearth Eyesight The cottage and the open door
Silas’ fits

12 VI. Conclusion George Eliot and the relation between
intelligence, beauty, and morality The Relation between morality and joy Why Silas Marner is still a great book and still relevant today

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