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Pygmalion Test Objectives:

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1 Pygmalion Test Objectives:
I will take the Pygmalion Test in order to demonstrate my knowledge of Pygmalion and to apply multiple critical theories. Today, you will need: #2 Pencil SSR Book

2 Pygmalion test review In Act I, where do the rich and poor gather to get out of the rain? Under the portico of the church.

3 Pygmalion test review In Act II, what is Alfred Doolittle’s theory on middle-class morality and the undeserving poor? The middle class thinks there are two types of poor: the deserving and the undeserving. The deserving are people who are trying to help themselves, but are still poor. The undeserving are people like Doolittle who aren’t trying to help themselves and are begging for handouts. The middle class helps the deserving poor, but not the undeserving. Doolittle argues that the undeserving deserve more help than the deserving because the undeserving can’t help themselves.

4 Pygmalion test review In Act II, what does Prof. Higgins think about Alfred Doolittle after he explains his theory on middle-class morality and the undeserving poor? Even though Doolittle is trying to blackmail him for money, he is an honest man. He is honest about how he is undeserving and would squander any money Higgins gives him.

5 Pygmalion test review In Act II, Prof. Higgins believes that Alfred Doolittle has raised Eliza to: Be a liar and steal from the rich.

6 Pygmalion test review In Act II, what reason does Higgins give for taking on the experiment with Eliza? “What is life but a series of inspired follies?” Higgins says that since life is just a series of silly mistakes that all work out in the end, he could never miss out on another chance to commit a silly mistake.

7 Pygmalion test review Which critical perspective best applies to Mrs. Higgins’ statement: “You certainly are a pretty pair of babies, playing with your live doll”? Feminist – the men are asserting their power over Eliza, as if she were an object.

8 Pygmalion test review In Act III, what can you infer about Nepommuck because he believes that Eliza is a Hungarian of royal blood, just like him? Nepommuck has a sense of arrogance and self-importance, just like Higgins.

9 Pygmalion test review In Act IV, why does Eliza say, “Oh, God, I wish I were dead,” when Higgins tells her she doesn’t need to worry about her future? Eliza doesn’t know or understand what the potential options are for her future. She thinks she has no future.

10 Pygmalion test review In Act IV, Freddy waits outside Higgins house in hopes of meeting Eliza. What can you infer about Freddy from this? Freddy is enamored with Eliza and wants to court her properly, but he hasn’t worked up the courage to do so.

11 Pygmalion test review How did Shaw adhere to or depart from the Pygmalion archetype?

Record your answers on the back of your scantron starting with #51. On the back of your scantron, write: Your Name Today’s Date Pygmalion Test Form A, B, or C When you finish, turn in your test at the back table and read your SSR book.

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