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A Doll’s House by Herik Ibsen

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1 A Doll’s House by Herik Ibsen

2 I. Introduction Ibsen’s Style Lies and Truth

3 Major Themes Living the authentic life vs. the convenient life(—Archetypal/Mythic) Men and Women— equality, respect, and the true marriage (Feminist)

4 II. Major Themes (con’t.)
C. Money (Marxist theory) D. Duty to others vs Duty to Self:

5 II. Major Themes (con’t.)
E. Moral Theme 1. Contagion imagery 2. Sins of the parents 3. True sins of the parents

6 II. Major Themes (con’t)
F. Search for Identity (Psychological)

7 II. Major Themes (con’t)
Archetypal/Mythic Theme The search for truth (Oedipus) The leaving of the family for enlightenment (see handout)

8 III. Characters Nora B. Torvald

9 III. Characters Mrs. Linde Nils Krogstad Dr. Rank

10 IV. Symbolism Setting 1. Helmers’ House 2. Christmas time B. forgery

11 IV. Symbolism C. The Tarantela The dress (costume)
Animal / pet imagery Light and dark

12 V. Conclusion The Continuing Power of A Doll’s House
1. issues of respect 2. that miraculous thing: a True Marriage 3. gender issues 4. the birth of the soul— growth of consciousness

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