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Conversation Practice

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1 Conversation Practice
Hotel Reservation By Paul Chen

2 Outline Starting Questions
What should be noticed while making a reservation? Info. that you may be asked by the hotel clerk Sample Conversations (1) (2) (3) Useful Expressions Reference

3 Starting Questions Have you ever reserved a room on your own? Did you do anything in preparation for the reservation? If so, could you share with us what should be taken into account while making a reservation? P.S. What are some ways for people to reserve a room? Please try to name some. If not, could you think of any things that people should pay attention to while reserving a room? Also, could you tell us how you can be sure that there is a place for you to stay during your vacation if you didn’t make the reservation on your own? Should anything be done after the reservation? Besides the questions that I mentioned above, do you have anything to add that is related to the topic today?

4 What should be noticed while making a reservation?
room availability transportation room rate (including the governmental tax or not?) special need / request (depending on your need.)

5 More to be noticed Hotel Facilities Room Facilities
Laundry and valet service Bar Chinese & Western Restaurants Café Baby-sitting service Currency exchange Gymnasium Outdoor swimming pool Hi-tech conference facilities Laundry and valet Service Room Facilities Hair dryer In-room movies In-room safe Air conditioning Mini bar Cable/satellite TV Internet service Tea and coffee making facilities Fax machine Complimentary daily newspaper

6 Info. that you may be asked by the hotel clerk
your full name (spell it out if it is not common) your address your phone number / cell phone number date of your arrival how many nights you will stay what kind of room you like how many people are coming any special need / request

7 Sample Conversation One
C: Clerk; G: Guest Over the phone… C: Traders Hotel. May I help you? G: Yes. I’d like to make a reservation. C: Certainly, sir. What’s your name, please? G: Ronald Ashley. Last name is A-S-H-L-E-Y. C: Thank you, Mr. Ashley. When will you be arriving? G: June 28th. C: For how many nights? G: Until July 2nd. C: So that’s a single room for four nights.

8 Sample Conversation Two
On their way to San Francisco, Roy decides to stop in a small town and stay there overnight.... Clerk: Good evening, sir.  May I help you?  Roy: Yes.  What kind of rooms do you have? Clerk: How large is your party? Roy: Three.  Two adults and one child. Clerk: Let's see. We have a room with two double beds.  How many nights? Roy: Just one.  We're only staying overnight. Can this be regarded as a room reservation? Why or why not?

9 Sample Conversation Three
R: Receptionist; G: Guest G: I’d like to reserve a room for a week. R: Certainly, sir. When will you be arriving? G: We will be driving up Saturday morning. R: Any specific need? G: Yes, my wife is confined to a wheelchair. R: No problem, sir. We have a room designated for the disabled to live in. G: Good. We have a special van. Will there be a problem for parking? R: No, sir. You’ll have a parking space right outside the door and the room is located beside the elevator. G: Excellent.

10 Useful Expressions Do you know the meanings of the following expressions? Please try to explain them in your own words. make a reservation / reserve (a room) availability peak season tour operator travel agency

11 Reference Liang, John and Sydney Rice. Everyday English in Conversation < conversation.html> Nordvall, Karl. Talk about Travel: English for Airlines, Hotels, and Tours. Taipei: Compass, 2003. Source of Cover Picture < Hong Kong Hotel Reservation <

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