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English For Hospitality

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1 English For Hospitality

2 Topic 10 Check-out Contents: I. Task preparing II. Task presenting
III. Task completing Ⅳ. Further development Ⅴ. Assignment

3 I. Task Preparing When checking out at the end of his stay, the guest should settle his bill. As most hotel bills are computerized today, the procedure should be accomplished very quickly and smoothly. The guest usually has paid a reservation deposit. If he has, the cashier should take the amount of his deposit out of the bill. If the guest settles his account in traveler's check, make sure that he countersigns the check in front of you. You should remind the guest to return his room key to the reception before he leaves the hotel.

4 1)About check out Three important functions of The Front Office :
resolves outstanding guest account balances; updates room status information; creates guest history records ;     

5 Resolves outstanding guest account balances:
Guest account settlement depends on an effective Front Office accounting system that maintains accurate guest folios, verifies and authorizes a method of settlement, and resolves discrepancies in account balances. A guest can settle an account by paying cash, charging the balance to a credit card, deferring payment to an approved direct billing entity, or using a combination of payment methods.

6 Updates room status information
The Front Office finds it most effective to settle a guest's account while the guest is still in the hotel. When pre-settlement verification activities are completed during check-in, the check-out time may be significantly reduced.

7 Creates guest history records :
Check-out and settlement also involve the creation of the guest history record which normally contains personal and transactional information relevant to the guest's stay. Many Front Offices build their guest history files by assembling registration cards information into an inactive guest file. First, changing the guestroom's status from occupied to on-change on the room status report.

8 Then, the Front Desk notifies the Housekeeping Department of the guest's departure.
A guest approaching the Front Desk should be greeted promptly and courteously. The Front Desk agent should check for any messages, faxes, or mail awaiting guest pickup. The Front Desk agent should also make sure that the guest has cleared his or her safe deposit box of in-room safe and returned the key.

9 2) Zeroing out the account :
After determining the means of settlement, the cashier should then bring the guest's account balance to zero. Accounts can be brought zero through payment in full or by the transfer to a credit card or non-guest account.

10 3) The introduction of cashier
Cashiers : members of the Controlling Department staff. Their location : the Front Office Their relationship : in direct contact with many of the Front Office positions.

11 Duties of the Front Office cashier:
posts revenue center charges to guest accounts; inquires about very recent charges; receives payment from guests at check-out; exchanges foreign currencies, cashes traveler's checks; coordinates billing of credit card and direct-billed guest accounts with the Accounting Division; balances accounts at the close of each shift; asks the departing guest if he or she has incurred any last-minute charges for the telephone or for food and beverage service and make the necessary posting; confirms how the guest intends to settle the account;

12 II. Task Presenting: 1) Sample dialogue C: Cashier G: Guest
G: I'd like to check out now. Could you let me have the bill? C: Yes, of course, sir. May I know you room number? G: It's 678. C: One moment, please, and I'll get the bill ready. G: Thanks. C: Here you are, sir. G: Does this include service and tax? C: Yes, that's everything. And it shows the rate for the room and the extras are on the second page. How would you like to pay? G: By credit card, if that's OK. Here you are. C: That'll do nicely. Thank you. Could you sign here, please? G: Certainly.

13 2) Useful Words & Phrases
resolve v. 解决 update v. 更新 verify v. 检验,查证 authorize v. 核准,授权 discrepancy n. 差异 outstanding adj. 欠付的 balance n. 余额,结存 complimentary adj. 免费的 transaction n. 交易,事务

14 expire v. 期满 assemble v. 收集 promptly adv. 迅速地 courteously adv. 礼貌地 pickup n. 领取 incur v. 引起,招致 posting n. 记账 settle v. 支付,结账 billing n. 入账 exercise v. 行使 shift n. 班次

15 crucial adj. 重要的 associates n. 同事 cordial adj. 诚恳的 substantial adj. 相当多的 audit v. 审计 voucher n. 证据,票据 coupon n. 凭证,代用券 memo n. 内部通知 mini-bar n. 客房内小冰柜 refund v. 退款 invoice n. 发票

16 guest folios 客人账户 charge…to 记账 defer…to 延迟 settle the account 结账 corporate account 公司账户 revenue center 创收部门 the means of settlement 结算方式 zero out 结清 payment in full 全额付款

17 1.Role-play III. Task completing : Directions:
Work in pairs about this topic, one for guest, and another for hotel employee, finish the task of introducing the process and the objectives of check out in the hotel.

18 Key words, phrases for reference
the cashier collect payment from the guest create a positive parting impression on the guest . To update the room status, create a guest history discount or complimentary rate. return the room key countersigns the check

19 2.Prepare an oral presentation about the benefits of electronic check-out

20 Expressions for reference
helps to make the guest check-out work less tiring. helps to reduce the check-out queue offers automatic foreign currency exchange, offers fast service to the guest helps to increase hotel occupancy.

21 Ⅳ. Further Development Video clip
ask personal information-酒店英语06_3.flv

22 Situational conversation
check out.WMV

23 Ⅴ. Assignment Ss are required to make an oral presentation about check out, and present it at the beginning of the next period.

24 Thank you !

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