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Chapter 7- Executive Branch Vocabulary

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1 Chapter 7- Executive Branch Vocabulary
Electoral College 14. Cabinet Electors federal bureaucracy Executive Order 16. Independent Agency Pardon Government Corporation Reprieve 18. Political Appointee Amnesty Civil service worker Foreign policy 20. Civil service system National security 21. Spoils system Treaty Merit system Executive agreement Ambassador Trade sanctions embargo

2 Article II- Executive Branch- Carry out Laws (enforce Laws)
President 1. 35 yrs old. 2. Native Born US citizen 3. US resident for 14 yrs. Vice President *Elected with the President * Must meet same requirements as the President

3 President Elected to a 4 year term.
22nd Amendment says that President can serve 2 terms or a maximum of 10 years Franklin D. Roosevelt served 12 years before 22nd Amendment was enacted.

4 Presidential Succession
The 25th Amendment established Presidential Succession- the order in which we replace the President

5 Electoral College The President and Vice President are elected every 4 years by a group called the Electoral College- made up of people called electors.

6 Match the Description with the Role of the President
Meets with Leaders of other countries Gives out medals Comes up with ideas for new laws Makes sure that laws are carried out Helps members of his/her party get elected. Deals with issues like unemployment. Leads the military.

7 Should we allow this to happen?

8 Foreign Policy How a country deals with other countries

9 Goals of Foreign Policy
National Security- Most important- keep us safe from foreign attack. International trade Promote World Peace Spread Democracy around the world.

10 Tools of Foreign Policy
Treaties and Executive Agreements NATO- North Atlantic Treaty Organization- mutual defense agreement

11 2. Appointing Ambassadors- we send a representative to every country that we recognize their government 3. Foreign Aid- money, food, military support 4. International Trade trade sanctions- efforts to punish a country by restricting trade embargo- completely cutting off trade with a foreign country

12 Why do we give to others?

13 5. Military Force- last resort

14 War Powers Resolution Gives the President the ability to send troops into combat without Congress declaring war- President must notify Congress within 48 hours when troops sent into battle and must be brought home within 60 days unless Congress gives permission.

15 Vice President Constitution says 2 things about VP
1. In charge of Senate- breaks ties 2. If something happens to President then VP becomes President.

16 First Lady Is the President’s Wife- given no power by Constitution
What would we call Bill if Hillary became President? Nice Hair Dude!!

17 Presidential Helpers The Executive Office- EOP
Led by Chief of Staff- acts like a filter for the President- determines who and what gets to President Office of Management and Budget- (OMB) Prepares and monitors the federal budget. National Security Council- (NSC) Helps with military and foreign policy

18 The Cabinet Heads of 13 federal agencies- heads are called Secretaries- (example- Secretary of State) except the Justice Dept- Attorney General Created by President George Washington- not in Constitution Newest agency is Office of Homeland Security- established after 9/11 Appointed by the President- Approved by the Senate

19 Federal Bureaucracy Turn laws into action by figuring out rules and procedures. Run day to day operations of the government. Regulate various activities. Example- Congress passes a law requiring all Americans to have health insurance. Executive branch has to figure out how to make this happen.

20 Independent Agencies Executive Agencies- deal with specialized areas- NASA Government Corporations- run like private businesses- US Postal Service Regulatory Boards and Commissions- enforce rules and regulations- FCC, FAA, SEC

21 How do government workers get their job?
Spoils system- President gives out jobs to supporters President Garfield killed when he would not give job to a supporter.

22 The Pendleton Act (Civil Service Reform Act) created the Civil Service System and limited number of jobs president could hand out. The civil service system requires people to pass a test and meet standards- it is a merit system.

23 Name that President

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