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Job and Internship Search Strategies Presented by: Pomerantz Career Center.

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1 Job and Internship Search Strategies Presented by: Pomerantz Career Center

2 Serves students and alumni on the UI campus Is located just north of the Pappajohn Business Building For more information please visit our web site You can also get a copy of our career guide online or in our office.

3 Presentation Overview Self-Assessment Research Networking The “hidden” job market Implementing/managing your search Mistakes to avoid

4 During Your Search Remember… No specific job strategy will work for every applicant! Be flexible. Be persistent. Allow extra time to conduct your job search. 3 key steps - Assessment, Research and Implementation.

5 Self Assessment What do you want to do? – what do you find enjoyable? Helps to narrow audience Informational interviews – talk to friends, family, faculty members. Identify likes/dislikes Ask yourself questions - ex. What was your favorite class? To gain insight

6 Research - How Do You Find Your Company… Job listings (newspapers, magazines) Targeted mailings (letter of inquiry) Internet resources : USAJOBS, Career Builder, websites of individual employers, professional associations, etc. Career Services : UI Employment Expo,

7 Research Employers Employers expect it Displays your seriousness, thoroughness and attention to detail Helps to personalize cover letters and resumes, and answer questions appropriately Helps determine your “fit” with the organization

8 What to Learn About a Company Description of job responsibilities Personnel information (NAME, policies, relevant information of executives) Organizational culture, goals, and strategies. Size, age, location, history, ownership Products or services, major competitors, recent development, expected growth

9 Research - Networking Identify your resources!! Professors classmates friends parents of friends parents friends of parents family neighbors... Use your resources!!! Informational interviews Job shadow – externship internships

10 TALK to people – engage in conversation – start with people you know Enlist support, discuss you, gather information. Attend informational sessions on campus Contact human resource department Get involved in student organizatinos

11 Network through Informational Interviews Make courteous initial contact Ask for information….NOT a job Face-to-face meetings Be politely persistent Try to obtain several referrals from each person you contact Follow up and keep them informed of your progress Thank them

12 The “Hidden” Job Market Approximately 80% of available positions are never advertised – they rely on personal contacts Make contact before an employer knows they need you

13 Most employers prefer informal and personal methods of identifying employees, and believe personal contacts result in more in-depth, accurate information. Networking does not eliminate the need to use other job-search methods, but it will produce helpful referrals. The “Hidden” Job Market

14 Other Useful Resources Mock Interviews Volunteer Create your own position during organization change Job Agencies Internet want ads

15 Implementing/Managing Your Search Organize yourself with a system Keep records of initial contacts and follow-ups Set reasonable daily/weekly goals for your career search Continue to assess process Update/review resume with a Career Advisor

16 Evaluating an Unsuccessful Job Search If you’ve searched for 6 months, you may need to redirect your search or gain experience –Take a temporary position or internship –Volunteer work

17 Redirect Your Search Clarify goals and redefine options – broaden or narrow them Have your resume reviewed by a Career Advisor or other professional Geographic restrictions Do your skills match with the needs of the company?

18 8 Common Job Search Mistakes 1. Relying on one strategy 2. Lack of focus/career objective 3. Failure to identify and use network 4. Targeting only large employers 5. Failure to follow–up 6. Unprofessional materials/appearance 7. Impersonal approach 8. Underestimate time needed to search

19 Keep It In Perspective Don’t take rejection personally… Maintain a balance between job search and everyday routine Remind yourself of your skills and accomplishments Use your resources Be persistent - you will find employment

20 Thank you for visiting our web site Pomerantz Career Center 100 Pomerantz Center, Suite C310 Iowa City, IA 52245 319-335-1023

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