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Supported Opinion Paragraph

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1 Supported Opinion Paragraph
Purpose for Writing To state an opinion and provide evidence to support it To persuade your audience of your point of view

2 Paragraph Format—You need…
A topic sentence which states your opinion At least 3 sentences with supporting details and explanations that back up your main reason A concluding sentence that restates your opinion using different wording, and summarizes the main ideas in the supporting sentences

3 Topic Sentence State your opinion clearly
Include the reason that you feel the way you do Example: I think uniforms should be worn in high school because they reduce anxiety about clothes.

4 Supporting Details… Can include facts, statistics, quotations, anecdotes, examples etc.)

5 Linking Words… To begin with, first of all, second, third, finally, in conclusion These words help to signal the reader that you are making a new point or that you are ending your paragraph by summarizing everything you have said

6 Structure Topic Sentence—state opinion First of all + main reason + 1st supporting detail with explanation Second + main reason + supporting detail with explanation Third + main reason + supporting details with explanation Concluding Sentence—restate opinion in different words and summarize supporting ideas

7 Example I believe that physical education should be mandatory in school as it promotes healthy living. First of all, physical education promotes healthy living by increasing fitness levels. As you become more fit, your strength and endurance improves. Secondly, physical education leads to a healthier life because it encourages students to think about making better food choices such as increasing the fruits and vegetables in their diet. Thirdly, physical education promotes healthy living because exercise helps reduce stress which makes it easier to do well at school. In conclusion, high schools should make phys ed a requirement because it can really help students become stronger and healthier both physically and mentally.

8 Topic—your opinion + reason
Writing Steps Brainstorm your ideas—use brainstorming map Supporting detail Supporting detail Topic—your opinion + reason Supporting detail Supporting detail Supporting detail

9 2. Paragraph Outline Topic Sentence (state your opinion related to the topic ______________________________________________________________ First of all… + main reason + 1st supporting detail with explanation Second… + main reason + 2nd supporting detail with explanation Third… + main reason + 3rd supporting detail with explanation Concluding sentence (restate your topic sentence in a different way and summarize supporting details. (In conclusion…) ______________________________________________

10 Peel District School Board
3. Good Copy Type good copy, double spaced ii. Give your paragraph a title Submit with English Dept. Title Page Peel District School Board

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