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Las Comidas del Mundo Hispano

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1 Las Comidas del Mundo Hispano
Foods of the Hispanic World febrero 2009

2 Países España México Costa Rica

3 España

4 Tapas Tapas are small meals Appetizers Meals to share Consist of…
Bread topped with meats, cheeses, olives Meats such as sausages (chorizo), chicken, ham

5 Paella National dish of Spain
Main ingredients: rice, meats (chicken or rabbit), seafood, snails, tomatoes, water, saffron spice, and salt Cooked in a large round pan – diners eat from pan

6 Tortillas Different from tortillas in Mexico, the U.S., and Latin America Compared to an omelette

7 Empanadas Stuffed pastry
Many different varieties – depending on country In Spain, empanadas are generally filled with meat and cheese Similar to HotPockets here in the U.S. and calzones from Italy

8 Churros Similar to a doughnut Originated in Spain
Fried strips of dough covered with powdered sugar, cinnamon, and sugar

9 Flan A carmel custard Made with eggs, milk, and carmel
Flavored with vanilla

10 México

11 Tortillas Corn vs. Flour Tortillas Corn tortillas Flour tortillas
Southern parts of Mexico Corn was believed to be “the gift of the Gods” according to the native peoples of Mexico Flour tortillas Northern parts of Mexico

12 Common Foods tacos enchiladas quesadillas

13 Salsa and Guacamole Salsa Guacamole “sauce”
tomatoes, chili peppers, onions, garlic, and cilantro Guacamole avocado, onions, chiles, tomatoes, and salt

14 Traditional Foods Mole (Mole Poblano)
A sauce made with chili peppers and spices, unsweetened chocolate, almonds, and other ingredients

15 Chilaquiles Fried tortillas topped with salsa or mole and cheese or sour cream Sometimes contains eggs and pulled chicken Served with refried beans Breakfast or brunch

16 Tamales Traditional food throughout Latin America
Can be filled with meats, cheeses, and chillis, or other ingredients to taste Made with corn dough (masa) Wrapped in a corn husk (Mexico) or plantain leaves (Central America)

17 Horchata A drink made from a combination of rice or rice milk, almonds or almond milk, and cinnamon

18 Costa Rica


20 Casado A typical Costa Rican dish consisting of rice and beans, a salad, a tortilla, fried plaintains, and steak, chicken, fish or pork “Casado” - married

21 Gallo Pinto The national dish of Costa Rica
A mixture of fried rice and black beans, onions, peppers, and cilantro with Lizano sauce

22 Arroz con Pollo Rice with chicken A staple at most meals and occasions

23 Tres Leches Cake A cake soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated milk
condensed milk heavy cream

24 Did you know… chocolate was originally used by ancient civilizations in South America, Central America, and Mexico? chocolate was named by the Aztecs?

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