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Foods of Southern Europe

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1 Foods of Southern Europe
Chapter 51


3 Mediterranean Cuisines
Lighter Fare

4 Typical Foods Fish and Poultry Lighter Sauces than French neighbors
Olive oil as primary cooking fat Citrus Fruits Olives

5 Spain

6 Spain Geographic location and oceanic transportation provided:
Commerce Trade Cultural exchange Invasion

7 Spanish Ingredients Phoenicians found Romans Fish Shellfish Pigs Sheep
garlic Romans Planted Olive trees Aquaducts Farming Christianity

8 Spanish Ingredients Moors New World Explorers Eggplants Artichokes
Tropical fruits Nuts Rice Saffron Spices Cinnamon Dates Marzipan New World Explorers Potatoes Tomatoes Peppers Bean Vanilla Chocolate

9 Spanish Dishes Garlic and Olive oil Paella Flan and custard desserts
Cocido—stew Tapas Empanadas Gazpacho

10 Portugal

11 Portuegese Ingredients
Cattle Pigs Cilantro and Parsley Rice Almonds Figs Oranges and Lemons Curry Cinnamon Black pepper Piri-piri chilis

12 Portuguese Dishes Cod Pork—their favorite meat Chicken with Piri-Piri
Caldos-Soups Acordas-- Gazpachos Rice Paelha—portuguese paella Bread

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