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Chapter 5.2 The Colonists resist tighter control

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1 Chapter 5.2 The Colonists resist tighter control

2 Key terms and people Boycott *petition *writ of assistance
John Adams *Sam Adams *Pontiac (not car) Stamp Act *Sugar Act *Quartering act Declaratory act *Townshend Acts *Writs of Assistance Boston Massacre

3 After the F & I War, British colonists living west of the Appalachian Mountains fought with Native Americans over land rights, Appalachian Mountains Proclamation of 1763: British gvt declared that all colonists living West of Appalachians had to move east

4 In order to refill the British government’s treasury, taxes were imposed on the Colonists
*the colonists expected some increase in taxes *they still viewed themselves as loyal British citizens, but…were beginning to realize that England did not understand life in the colonies *Parliament raises taxes and the colonists have no representation in this law making body perspective Increased debt after F&I War, spent as much as needed to beat FR Expensive to keep 10,000ish soldiers in the colonies for protection from FR & NatAmer

5 Britain’s plan to raise $
1764, Sugar Act * taxed molasses (used in production of rum) *harsh punishments for smugglers 1765, Quartering Act ( a way to save $) *colonists must quarter (house) troops and supply with food and anything they need 1765, Stamp Act *there must be a stamp on newspapers, wills, licenses, land titles, contracts, & playing cards *boycotts broke out in NYC, Philadelphia, & Boston October 1765 *Stamp Act Congress called in colonies *send petition to King George III & Parliament *asking for repeal of Sugar & Stamp Acts 1766 *Parliament repeals Stamp Act, but……………… issues the Declaratory Act…. “…Parliament has total authority over the colonies…” uh-oh

6 1767, Townshend Acts (Townsend)
*British system to enforce new taxes (duties) on goods coming in to the colonies (goods not produced locally) *tax on glass, paper, paint, lead, & tea Writs of Assistance *allow British customs officials to search ships and warehouses without a warrant or any reason; could seize everything in warehouse Each time the British Parliament passed a new tax the colonists boycotted, or stopped, buying British goods * a very effective way to protest * no one wants to lose money 1770 (March) The Boston Massacre *What is a massacre? *What happened in Boston? *Why did John Adams defend the soldiers? *What was their punishment?

7 Statehood This state became the _____ state in the United States in __________. The first Governor of the state was _________________.

8 Government National Government State Government
Name the current United States Senators and Representatives. State Government Name the current governor. Describe the state’s legislature.

9 Maps In this space, insert a political and/or physical map of your state. Point out the state capital. Note: Check out Clip art and Media on office Online at for maps and other graphics of your state.

10 Population 1950: 1960: 1970: 1980: 1990: 2000 Over the past fifty years the population has (increased/decreased).

11 Economy Chief products of the state include:
Agricultural (farm) products Mining products Manufactured goods

12 Weather The average high temperature in July is:
The average high temperature in January is: The average yearly precipitation is:

13 Natural Resources Water Minerals
Name the major rivers and bodies of water. Minerals Name and describe a few different kinds of minerals.

14 Natural Resources, continued
Plant Life Name and describe some of the trees and wildflowers. Animal Life Name and describe some of the wild animals.

15 Places to Visit Choose one place in your state that would be interesting to visit. Tell where it is located in the state and why it would be interesting to visit. Note: You can use Microsoft Internet Explorer to find information about your site.

16 Famous People Choose three well known residents of your state. Tell what they did to become famous.

17 State Motto Tell about the state motto and what makes this state special.

18 Works Cited List the resources you used for your research.

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